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The moon tells me a secret, a confidant
As full and bright as I am
This light is not my own and
A million light reflections pass over me
Its source is bright and endless
She resuscitates the hopeless
Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting

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Everything listed on Lifeless Satellite is original artwork created by Cristina. She sells art jewelry pendants, original artwork and prints.  She is currently available for unique commissions and personalized art. She works by your budget, an agreed upon size, and sketch preview. Lifeless Satellite - Punky Moms Featured Shop 2

PM: When was your company founded?

February 2014

PM: Where are you based out of?

Orlando Florida

PM: How many are involved in the company?

Just myself

PM: What inspired you to start the company?

When I became a stay at home mother I began to focus more on my artwork and decided I might have a go at some kind of income if I was going to stay home and draw or paint while my son was napping anyway. I started with jewelry and expanded to framed prints. By January 2015 I had the idea to make a coloring book of my star seed characters. I’m so glad I saw that through because it was really rewarding and I get to make as many volumes as I like!

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PM: Did you have a background in crafting prior to starting the company?

Yes I even went to college for art and never saw it through until I didn’t have a choice but to try and become an artist. It was really so that I could remain a stay at home mom.

PM: Did you run into any problems or resistance while launching your company?

No, not until recently have I had less and less time to work on art because my 14 month old is napping less and needing more stimulation (he is running now with sneakers on!). So I have slowed down a little and become more focused on private commissions lately. I do plan on starting my second Star Seeds coloring book this summer though and I’m very excited about that!

Lifeless Satellite - Punky Moms Featured Shop 1PM: What is the most exciting part of running your own business?

Well, relying on yourself is daunting as well as exciting because you get what you put into it- I am glad I have something where right now I can control my work load but I am making money doing what I would be doing in my spare time anyway.

PM: What do you see in the future for your shop?

I try to take things one day at a time and look only a few months ahead for planning since things can change so rapidly. I would love to do something on a bigger scale with my coloring books and characters, even if it has to wait until the pressures of being mom lighten a little. I would love to make dolls to go with the coloring books.

For a large range of examples of Cristina’s work (realism in oils, animal and star seed illustrations) visit her Instagram page @Lifeless_Satellite

Use coupon code: PUNKY for 10% off at her etsy store Lifeless Satellite

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