LBC And The Mighty Tattooed Kewpie Doll

Little BC have a dreamy minimalist aesthetic juxtaposed with their bold designs and quirky products. They are the almighty home to the tattooed Kewpie doll.

I discovered Little BC a while back on Instagram and fell in love with their dreamy minimalist aesthetic juxtaposed with their bold designs and quirky products.  They are the almighty home to the tattooed Kewpie doll, and sell beautiful handmade homewares.  

At the forefront of LBC is Gem and her partner John, who both play a part in the creation of each product.  Their team is completed by their daughter and muse Skye, who influences every LBC creation.  

Keep your eyes peeled for Alpine Moon, too, which is this creative trio’s newest venture launching soon (did someone say more patches and pins for my jacket? YES!).

Little BC have a dreamy minimalist aesthetic juxtaposed with their bold designs and quirky products. They are the almighty home to the tattooed Kewpie doll.

PM: When was your company founded and where are you based?

LBC: LBC is based in SE Kent, right near the sea! It was founded in 2013 after becoming a new mum with lots of time and a desire to create.

PM: How many are involved in your small business?

LBC: To say it’s just me behind the brand wouldn’t be entirely true! Although I design the products and sew the toys myself, the printing process is shared between me and my partner John. He taught me everything he knows about printing and is my rock. Our little girl influences everything we create; she’s such a character and even puts in her own suggestions which I adore!

PM: What inspired you to start your own business?

LBC: After entering the crazy world of motherhood I wanted to still create a space for me to fulfil my creative urges. I’ve always considered myself a creative person and I wanted to design and make quirky items that not only I would love but that other people would love too. I found it difficult finding quirky kids toys without shopping overseas. I wanted to make unique/affordable pieces!

PM: Did you have a background in business prior to starting your company?

LBC: Oh my days…I did not have a clue what I was doing! I started making things, taking pictures and showcasing them on social network platforms. People liked what I was making, which in the early days were framed designs for nurseries etc. I had a ‘look’ in mind for LBC and it took a while to achieve it. Think tattoo flash, bold designs and vintage inspired illustrations and that’s the image we wanted and hopefully we’ve managed to achieve.

Gem from LBC, our #Mumboss pick of the week

PM: Did you run into any problems or resistance while launching?

LBC: Before the shop was officially launched I had a pile of products to finish, a new baby to care for AND we were moving to another town. We didn’t have a huge following either, so getting our shop out there was so hard. Compared to some shops, we’re a mere drop in the ocean, but the support we have received from people has been overwhelming.

PM: How do you get the most out of your day?

Well separate to LBC I am a full time degree student, part-time interior shop worker and mama to Skye, so in all honesty every minute is accounted for! I spend my evenings sewing orders/printing/designing new products and survive on very little sleep, but it works.

PM: How is your family a part of your business choices?

I am so lucky to have such a supportive partner and although I do drive him mad with my “we NEED to get it done now” attitude, he supports and helps the little shop flourish. All of the designs that you see from us have ultimately been influenced by our passions as a family.

PM: What music inspires you?

LBC: Well I’m a huge fan of chilled-out tunes. Bon Iver, Horse Feathers and Wye Oak to name a few…get me through the long nights of sewing/printing. John on the other hand rolls his eyes as my music choices and we often have a little giggle at how different our taste in music is.

Stay At Home Mum Superstar Gem

PM: What is your favourite thing to do when you are not working?

LBC: I absolutely LOVE spending time as a family seeing new places and having loads of fun. It’s so hard to find a balance these days so any time we get to jump in the car and get out..We do! We also, as a family, love films. We watch SO many together and it’s a great way for us to wind down and chill.

PM: What do you see in the future for your shop?

LBC: Hopefully the future for LBC will consist of lots more quirky designs and possibly some printed attire for the little ones, who knows! For now we’re going with our creative flow and LOVING IT!

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