Review: Wrap-N-Mat

NeatoGroovy brings us our product review this month! Stephanie sent me a WRAP-N-MAT and I’ve been sending it to school with my son. He loves it! I love it! I’ll tell you why in a minute.

WRAP-N-MAT – Saving the planet one sandwich at a time!
Have a clean eating surface anywhere! Place the sandwich or other snack food in the center of the mat and fold left to right, top to bottom and close the loop and hook fastener. It really is that easy! WRAP-N-MAT keeps food fresh for hours. When needed, place a cold pack along side of the mat.

I’ve put PB&J in here, apple slices, chips, grapes, pretty much anything that can be contained in it without spilling out (which is darn near anything). Made of a thin bit of plastic and cloth, it’s easy to clean and easy to dry.

While I wouldn’t send one to school with my younger children,  seems about the right age to remember to bring it home and not toss it in the garbage. I love saving at least a bag a day (sometimes more!) and it makes my son feel better by having an extra bit of responsibility.

Don’t have a kid to use it for school? Use it for work! Wrap up your sandwich, your afternoon snack, your morning scone, anything!

NeatoGroovy recommends hand washing in warm water and air dry. I just give it a rinse in the kitchen sink and dry it on the counter. It’s that easy. WRAP-N-MAT may also be machine washer and dried on low heat, but I didn’t try that. I don’t trust my dryer quite that much.

If you order from NeatoGroovy soon, you get a free reusable beverage bottle too! WRAP-N-MAT comes in an EcoPrint or a Skulls print.

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  1. I was just cleaning my kitchen and found this at the bottom of my box of bento stuff! We don’t really do sandwiches anymore, but man this thing go a ton of use when we did!

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