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Baby Body Wash and Lotion

Punky Moms recently had the opportunity to review a few products from Tiny Pores . Tiny Pores recently introduced “Squeaky” and “Smooth” and asked us to test them out, not only on baby skin, but on mama skin as well.

Straight from the Tiny Pores site:

Packed with pure mineral content including organic aloe juice and organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil,and pure essential oils of Roman Chamomile, this perfect combination will become your favorite secret weapon to calm and soothe your baby.

SQUEAKY… gentle body cleanser for babies. Basic, pure, natural & unscented. Gentle enough for newborns – effective enough for adults… squeaky clean!

SMOOTH… gentle body lotion for babies. Contains Roman chamomile: one of the best natural ingredients to fend off fevers and rashes while relieving pain and calming sleepless children. smooth baby!

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I’ve been using a few more of their products for the past month and I have to say, I haven’t found a single one that I have been upset with. My entire family loves them, which is an added bonus. I am pretty picky about soaps/shampoos and generally only purchase micro batch mama made soaps, but I’d be willing to make an exception for these products, at least when my current soap stash runs out.

Melanie M. from Maryland had this to say:
I got to try the Tiny Pores products, Squeaky Baby Body Wash and Smooth Baby Body Lotion, this past week on my daughters – 2 ½ years and 8 weeks old.

Foremost, Squeaky and Smooth are certified vegan, phthalate and paraben free, and made in America. Smooth is also 89% organic. Tiny Pores also has a website which not only lists the ingredients in Squeaky and Smooth, but provides information about what each ingredient does, its benefits, and notes about possible irritants and concerns. I appreciate that Tiny Pores goes this extra step for the conscientious parent like me who spends a good deal of time in the store and online researching the products we use at home. That said, there are some ingredients in the Tiny Pores products that I try to avoid using on my kids.

Although labeled as unscented, Squeaky baby body wash has an herbal smell which is refreshing, mild, and doesn’t overpower a baby’s natural smell. Both my toddler and I thought Squeaky smelled great. Squeaky foamed wonderfully for my toddler’s bubble bath and I didn’t need much on the washcloth for my baby. The downsides of Squeaky are that it has a gel-like consistency and doesn’t pour well and that it can’t be used as shampoo and will irritate the eyes.

The Smooth baby body lotion has a very rich, thick, creamy texture. Smooth is scented with Roman Chamomile, which I don’t like as much as the Squeaky smell, although I prefer Smooth’s scent to other chamomile lotions and the lavender scents most baby lotions have. More importantly, my toddler liked the smell enough to cover both of us in Smooth lotion.

Overall, I liked both the Squeaky and Smooth baby wash and lotion as they do an excellent job of cleaning and moisturizing.

Sarah F. of Washington DC had this to say:
I have had the opportunity to test some of the certified vegan lotions from Worldwide Skin. The three I tried are:the Hydrating Body Lotion, Tahitian Vanilla & Blood Orange; the All-Over Body Lotion, Ylang Ylang & Vanilla and the Unscented Repairing Olive Lotion.

I loved the delicate fragrance of the Hydrating Body Lotion and it has a nice light and creamy texture and is not greasy. It quickly absorbed into my skin and left it feeling soft and smooth. I found that it held up nicely and I didn’t have to reapply frequently.

My daughter loves the All-Over Body Lotion. She is very sensitive to scents, and this one did not bother her at all. She also has very sensitive skin, and this lotion left her feeling soft and kept her skin from being dry and itchy. She asks for it after her bath as it is now her new favorite lotion.

The Unscented Repairing Lotion is also lovely. It worked nicely on my overly dry and cracked cuticles and hands. It is very nice for dry skin. It was not quite enough to help moisturize the awful dryness from eczema though. It gave temporary relief, but didn’t last on the dry, itchiness caused by eczema.

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