Superdrug Beauty Studio – Brow Threading Review

Superdrug Beauty Studio York - Brow Threading Review

Most days the only time I leave the house is the 10-minute walk to drop Oscar off at preschool. I may see a passing neighbor and chat with a few of the school parents, but overall the amount of people I see on a daily basis is slim. My daily beauty routine consists of throwing on leggings and a band shirt and trying to remember to brush my hair. I work from home so I rarely treat myself to any beauty services in town.  This is why I was so excited when I was gifted a voucher to use against a treatment in a Superdrug Beauty Studio in exchange for an honest review.

A few months ago, Punky Moms was approached to have a partnership with Superdrug on a few campaigns and events here in the UK. It was the first time, we had been involved with a big brand such as them, so while I was apprehensive at first, I knew Superdrug was a good fit for us since they are pillars for corporate social responsibility. They do a lot to make their business sustainable. Their products have no animal testing and many brands are vegan as well.

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You can see our video from our Bristol night out event here as well as checking out all our activity on Instagram with the hashtag #welovesuperdrug

Anyways, I digress! Back to the review. The closest Superdrug to me that does beauty services is in York. I try and go into York every week or two to do some errands and meet up with our Punky Moms York Punkies. I love York and will take any excuse to go visit. On this particular Tuesday, I had also booked a hair appointment and was meeting up with our Newcastle chapter prez and PMUK modmin Helen.  Helen and I were flying out to Spain the next day (with Alex) to see another Punky Carly and help shoot her new lingerie collection.  Honestly, I know I said my normal days are not glamorous, this week was far from normal for me!

I went into the York Superdrug and found their Beauty Studio at the back of the store. It looked as though they were in the middle of a store change as there was only one woman working. I sat down on the sofa provided and grabbed a price list. It wasn’t until a few minutes had passed and a line of people started to form behind me that I realized I had to go to the counter to pay first. So I lost my place in line and went to go pay. I wanted to do threading and a brow tiny but was told at the front that I wouldn’t be able to do the tint because I needed a patch test. Disappointed but understandable I grabbed a nail polish from the counter (Cause my nails looked horrible) and used my gift card to pay.

Superdrug York Beauty Studio Review

Back to the Beauty Studio I went and waited again for my chance to go.  sat down in the chair and the woman apologised for my wait. She said there were normally more people working but everything had been moved in the middle of the night and they were in the middle of opening up some more services. We talked about my eyebrows for a few minutes. I have had threading before and wanted to make sure that a shape was left of my eyebrow and not a very thin line. While I do use a pencil to fill in my brows a little, I don’t draw them on completely so I wanted to make sure I had something to work with.

The woman mentioned that one eyebrow was thinner than the other (who knew) and so she would have to take off more to make them even, but when I came back we could start shaping them more to what I wanted. I’m no expert so I agreed and let her do her thing.

When she was done, I was a little disappointed because my bushy eyebrows were down to nothing, but again, I was no expert. She offered to do a patch test for my eyebrows so I could get tinting next time but I refused as I didn’t know when I would be able to come back in to realistically use the service again.

Once the red went down I went and got my hair done with Helen. I didn’t bother with my eyebrow pencil till the next day. In the end, I was actually pleased with the result just because I would never be able to tweeze them down to this level. For the price £8, it was definitely worth it. I definitely want to use the nail services there too now that they are open.

The next day I flew off to Spain for a little girls trip with some fellow Punkies. So thankful for this community every single day of my life for bringing suck amazing poeple into it.

Here is my after photo, somewhere in the mountains of Spain doing a photo shoot for Lucky Sew and Sew. Photo taken by the amazing Alex from State of Love and Trust.

Today don’t you worry, I am back to those leggings and band shirt.

Paula Superdrug Lucky sew and sew

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