Dear Target Dollar Spot

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An open letter to my dearest frenemy, Target dollar spot.


Dear Target dollar spot,

I remember it like it was yesterday when we first met. You had the cutest little simple toys for my kids. Toys that I never minded buying because it was a quick way to get them to be quiet while I shopped for things I needed (I use that word loosely). I loved our relationship back then! It was full of Disney character stickers, puzzles, cups and bowls, socks, and seasonal items that were adorable.

You’ve changed though, Target dollar spot…

I was cool with you expanding your selection to include nifty little things I’d like too, like cute pens and note pads with inspirational quotes splashed on the front. I’ll write about three notes on it and then forget I own it but…it’s only $1, right? I forgave you for slipping those things in there but then you started to include things that I knew I didn’t need, but somehow tried to excuse purchasing because OMG who doesn’t need striped paper straws that come in packs of 8?! I also didn’t need the aluminum pencil holder with the super cute design or the notepad, coupon organizer, and stickers to match.

Again, Target dollar spot, I was willing to let it slide. Perhaps I just made a few rash decisions to buy mini mason jars with golden lids, rustic looking baker’s twine, and mini chalkboards with pastel chalks that came in an adorable little box. Evidently, I think I’m a walking talking, Pinterest board. I found out after staring at all those really cute things I bought…that I am not.

However, I could not forgive the addition of the $3 and $5 items that began to show up in droves. You will never understand how my eyes lit up when I saw shiny and bright iPhone cases stocked in your alluring dollar spot bins. You can’t imagine how I gasped to myself when I spotted the speakers or the awesome toys that didn’t look like they’d break before we got out of the parking lot. Only to lovingly place them in my cart and realize that…wait and darn minute…that says three dollars, and that one says five! Oh what a deceptive bestie you’ve become, Target dollar spot. You get me every time. You’re the friend that says; “we’ll go out for drinks…my treat!” but somehow I end up baying the bill and you end up tipping. Oh we have a good time, but I always end up spending more on you than I’d planned.

I feel like we’ve lost the trust in our relationship, dollar spot. On any given day when I walk in and you greet me, I know your game. I know there will undoubtedly be $3 and $5 items mixed inconspicuously in with the true dollar spot items. I also know that I won’t know the difference when my kids are clamoring for that Avengers fan that lights up when it spins, or the set of Pinkie Pie keys with an alarm that chirps annoyingly when you press a button. I have this lurking suspicion that you know I won’t know the difference either. You want me to mindlessly throw crap in my cart. It’s not until I’m checking the price of things haphazardly, that I’ll notice the $3 sticker on the back and get annoyed…but not annoyed enough to put it back. After all, it’s only $3, right?

Look, Target dollar spot, I don’t want us to stop being friends…that’s not what I’m saying, but could you give me a break and have a $5 spot too? That way I know what I’m getting into?


Well, I tried. You know the love will always be there between us. I just realized that the set of sticky paper flags fit perfectly in my planner and those mini sparkle gel pens made a great addition to my purse. So I suppose you are kinda looking out for me…

I’ll be seeing you soon, I have to stock up on washi tape because of…reasons.

Your BFF always,

Serene Mom



This post Dear Target Dollar Spot originally was posted on blogging friend Serene MomDanielle James is a stay at home mom and creator of Serene Mom where she helps parents find serenity and humor in the chaos of parenthood.

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