The Turquoise Squid’s Amazing Traveling Sideshow of Human Wonders!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention.

I introduce to you The Turquoise Squid’s Amazing Traveling Sideshow of Human Wonders! Take a peek in the tent, if you dare, inside her cabinet of live curios!

Punky Mom Audra has been working hard the past year putting out a collection of crochet art dolls that are just so damn good. If you have had a chance to check out her Instagram or facebook page, you will have seen her awesome David Bowie crochet doll. Yeah, the ones that sold out in a matter of days they were that good. 

When she told me that she was putting together a sideshow of circus freaks, I about died. Even more so cause she agreed to do a giveaway with us. Head over to our Instagram @punkymomsdotcom today to see our post how you can win The Siamese Twins! This is Emily and Eleanore Martin!  The main attraction in a traveling Sideshow, their talents include singing, playing the violin and ballet.  They stand at 17 inches tall and are made by hand.  



Audra aka The Turquoise Squid is putting out a collection of circus sideshow dolls and they are so damn good. She has been working so hard this past year.

She plans to be restocking her Etsy shop at the end of the month with the complete line of human wonders. She has been introducing each doll leading up to it. At the time of print, The Bearded Lady, Madame Hazel has made an appearance! 

Audra’s dolls are all her original designs and are made by hand using yarn, poly fil, thread and felt. They are safe to play with but she always likes to include that it is up to the caregiver to determine the appropriate age of the child the doll is intended for.  She takes extra time and care to attach all bits and pieces securely but if little hands are determined enough they could potentially free those bits!
The Turquoise Squid (1)
If you checked out her Facebook page, which one of her circus freaks is your favorite? 

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