The Most Badass Nursing Bras Of All Time

The Lucky Muthah Collection

The Lucky Muthah Collection is a brand new Badass Nursing Bra range for mamas who are dying to wear something awesome! These bras are brought to you by Carly from Lucky Sew & Sew, one of our favorite Punky Mums around. When I first started looking at nursing bras I was shocked at the choices that were out there. I’m not boring and I didn’t want boring for my bras. It was bad enough that I had to revert back to wearing big “granny panties” shortly after giving birth. No wonder it took some time for me to feel like “me” again when I had to wear these intimates that were just blah.
After Carly had her daughter in 2015 and starting their magical breastfeeding journey, she too became disheartened with the lack of cool and modern nursing bras available out there. She craved to have a nursing bra that was functional, a bit sexy, not beige, and basically something she didn’t mind people getting an eye-full of when her darling daughter pulled at her top to demand more Boo Boos!
After making a sample for herself to test out, she knew she was onto something. 
modern nursing bras - lucky sew & sew
What makes these Lucky Muthah Nursing Bras unique is the ‘Y’ strap detail. This not only aids support (which we all know our milk-filled boobs need as much of as possible), but is also a detail that can be shown off with your outfits and can turn any outfit from ‘Frumpy Mum’ to ‘Lucky Muthah’! 
The Lucky Muthah Nursing Bras will be available in 3 fabric choices (Onyx, Leopard and Tropical Fall), and every single bra will be custom made to order to your specific measurements, to guarantee the perfect fit. The bras are made from a stretchy yet sturdy fabric, offering great support, but also allowing for slight changes in size when your boobs are milk-drained or milk-full.
Lucky Sew and Sew is a two-woman operation, run by Carly and her Mum Diane. Their products are made for Muthahs, by Muthahs. As well as their new Nursing Bra, there will also be some new products including embroidered patches, badges and postcards, to help spread the Luck and make sure every Mum feels Lucky, because it’s easy to forget just how lucky we are.
The Lucky Muthah Collection from Lucky Sew & Sew is a brand collection of Nursing Bras for mamas who are dying to wear something awesome!
The Lucky Muthah Collection is available for pre-order starting on Monday August 1st via their Etsy shop , with an introductory 25% off offer. 
Preorder your new nursing bra from Lucky sew and sew
If you are on Instagram be sure to check out their #demandmorefromyournursingbra campaign at @LuckySewandSew which we will be running in the run-up to the Lucky Muthah Collection release date of September 1st. The aim of the campaign is to show how impractical and dated high-street nursing bras can be, to empower breastfeeding mothers to share a #brelfie (breastfeeding selfie) and share how we want to demand more from our usual boring nursing bra as well as also sharing how proud and Lucky we are to be able to breastfeed. One Lucky Muthah will be chosen to win a Lucky Muthah Nursing Bra of their choice from the new range. 

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