Badass dungarees, an amazing dress and affordable menstrual cups

A roundup of badass deals we love. All of these fantastic finds can be found on eBay. Our first want list includes dungarees, dresses and menstrual cups.

I started to notice recently in the PMUK Facebook group that our members were finding some awesome bargains. I’ve decided to start creating a monthly/quarterly roundup of our favorite eBay buys because I see so many of them happening in the group and figured it would be nice to have them all in one place for easy finding. These are some of our current favs. 


A roundup of badass deals we love. All of these fantastic finds can be found on eBay. Our first want list includes dungarees, dresses and menstrual cups.

At the moment, this links to ebay UK but will do some research and find the US counterparts and update the post accordingly. Let me know if you end up buying anything or if you have any awesome finds that we should add!

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1 The infamous Ebay dress

Comes in a million different patterns and is super cute. I am already envisioning wearing it this autumn with ankle boots. Featured Punky is Em Louise


2 Punk Pants

At first, I saw the purple and now I’ve seen all the rest of the colours and I’m not sure what to think… One of each please! BUY THEM HERE

3 Gingham Dungarees 

Can I just recommend that all of you go and buy a pair of these dungarees from eBay cause they are 10/10 the comfiest things I’ve ever put on my body. PLUS POCKETS – Steph


4 Rainbow Kid’s Shirt


I ordered this last week for my bebe, want sure if it was going to be any good but it arrived this morning & it’s cute! And has tassels! If anyone buys this, size up, think it’s a bit on the small side ? – Vicky


5 Oversized dungarees

These are the ones I’ve got but there are tons, I’ve just bought the cord ones too, super comfy, I pretty much live in them hahaha xxx -Melissa


6 Black & White Striped Skirt

This arrived today and it’s fab. Great size and super stretchy – Jane BUY EBAY UK

7 Chunky black sandal

Cute sandals that lots of our members are loving at the moment AFFORDABLE COMFY SHOES FOR THE WIN

8 Menstrual Cups



Cheap, good quality menstrual cups for anyone who wants to try but can’t afford/doesn’t want to gamble £35 for a big branded one. – Becci


9 Flea Spray

Honestly, we are rounding up it all!

Not seen a flea since I sprayed and I have 3 outdoor cats and a dog who loves the long grass – Charlotte



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