Delicious Pizza Gift Ideas For The Pizza Lovers In Your Life

Whether it is National Pizza Day, Christmas, or a Tuesday… we all know that we have a special someone, a pizza fan in their life. If you really want to show you care then these delicious pizza gift ideas will be sure to wet your appetite.  

All that hot, greasy, cheesy goodness reminded me that Valentine’s Day is another reason to buy some pizza gifts.  
I know what you’re thinking… how in the world can I possibly show my pizza-loving lover just how much they mean to me? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.  Here’s a list of some of the most delicious pizza gifts to make your sweetie’s mouth water.
Check out these pizza gift ideas guide, perfect with all the pizza things that your pizza lover needs in their life. Pizza gifts forever!

Saint Pizza Pillar Candles

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little mood lighting?  Get the perfect romantic ambiance with these Saint Pizza pillar candles.  
Pizza Gift Ideas for the pizza lovers in your life. Whether it's National Pizza Day or a Tuesday, let's make their mouth's water.  

​Sex, Pizza & Horror Booty Shorts

Lingerie is a staple of Valentine’s Day, but your special person deserves something that really allows them to express themselves.  These pizza undies will convey what she really wants.

Pizza Gift Guide Booty Shorts

The Ultimate Pizza Onesie

Maybe your lover is a little more on the reserved side, or maybe they’re always a little chilly.  Either way, this head to toe pizza onesie will make them feel fresh-out-of-the-oven hot!
National Pizza Day - Pizza Gift Ideas

Pizza Wristlet

This slice is the perfect size for ID, compact, and lipstick… everything she needs for her date with you! Although the original Betsey Johnson one is no longer available, you can get this great Pizza Wristlet which is just as cool.

Betsey Johnson Pizza Purse - Pizza Gift

 Pizza Slice USB Flash Drive 

I know you’re probably thinking “really? A flash drive?!?” but if you fill it with sexy photos*, it’s the perfect gift.  Or it’s really creepy. Regardless, it’s a cute little pizza slice.

Pizza Gift Guide USB
​ Buy Me Pizza T-Shirt

Maybe your lover doesn’t know what to buy you? Well, you can’t dump them, so time to drop some mega hints –  here’s a pizza shirt.  
Buy Me Pizza shirt for the pizza lovers in your life.

True Love Lapel Pin By Hungry Hipsters

Is there anything cuter than an emoji couple?  Only an emoji couple holding pizza forever encapsulated in enamel! I want someone to look at me like I look at pizza. 
Pizza Gift enamel Pin - Pizza couple valentine

Pizza Party Pepperoni Slice Sunglasses

Pizza. Sunglasses.  My future is so bright with pizza in it,  I gotta wear shades. That is all. pizza gift sunglasses

Pizza Party Umbrella By Sourpuss

I’ve been told “you can’t appreciate the sunny days without the rainy ones.” This pizza umbrella (with skulls!) will make it a little easier to get through those rainy days.   
Pizza Gift Guide - Pizza Umbrella

Super Cute Pizza Gift Earrings

Jewelry is another classic Valentine’s Day gift.  Sure, you COULD buy her diamonds, or you could buy her these adorable little pizza slice earrings with heart shaped pepperonis and drippy smiles!  The choice is pretty obvious.
Pizza Gift - Pizza Earrings

“All We Need Is Pizza And…” Halter Top

Honestly, do we really need anything else for a pizza gift? Aside from this halter top stating the fact, of course.
Ultimate Pizza Gift Halter

Assorted Pizza Slice Keychains

Maybe you don’t have just one Valentine, maybe you have many.  And maybe you’re really cheap. Wow, you’re a jerk. But, there’s even a gift option for jerks! These pizza slice keychains come in a lot of 12, so you should probably have enough for your entire harem and you’ll be spending less than a buck a piece.  Man you suck.
Pizza Gift KeyChains for your pizza BFFS

“I’m Hot And Ready” Tee

I’m hot and ready for some pizza. Seriously what more do you want? Click and get it here.
I Love pizza - Pizza Gift Ideas
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