Awesome Gifts For The Tiny Feminists In Your Life

Do you want to spread intersectional feminist pride with every gift that you give? For all of the tiny feminists in your life, here's an awesome selection.

At Punky Moms, we live our values and wear them with pride. So of course we want to spread the intersectional feminist pride with every gift that we give… whether that’s to our kids, our friends, or their babies. For all of the tiny feminists in your life, here are a selection of gifts that are sure to delight and educate!

Going to a baby shower soon? Some of these options would be PERFECT. 

Do you want to spread intersectional feminist pride with every gift that you give? For all of the tiny feminists in your life, here's an awesome selection.


These hand painted wooden peg dolls depict seven strong female role models. Choose from Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, Princess Leia, Frida Kahlo, Ann Bancroft, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Iris Apfel, and Rosie the Riveter. No doubt they’ll be a much loved element of your child’s imaginative play and how cool are they for teaching your child about feminism and your personal sheroes?


If your tiny feminist has reached menarche (her first period), why not sign her up for a monthly subscription box like Teen Dot Monthly? Each month she’ll receive essentials and treats to make her bleed a time of self-awareness and self-care. Viva la period revolution!



Your whole family can enjoy the Little Feminist 500 piece puzzle! Bust it out on a Sunday afternoon for some good, wholesome puzzle fun while chatting about all of the iconic women depicted on its pieces. Or if a ginormous puzzle sounds like a nightmare to you, perhaps these playing cards will be more your style.


If you’re the crafty type, check out this Feminist Pioneers Sisters of Equality fabric to make your tiny feminist a new outfit – perfect for any rallies or protests they’re going to with you!


For the peaceful baby feminist, this silicone teether can be attached to a baby carrier to relieve teething pain while being loud and proud with your feminist proclivities.


Learning the ABCs, feminism style! E is for Equal Rights, F is for Feminism, G is for Girl Power and also for Grit… This colourful board book will capture a young baby’s attention and continue to teach them for years to come. Also check out our roundup of awesome feminist books for kids. 


Much like the paper dolls of my childhood, these magnetic figures are great to dress up again and again. Best of all, they depict powerful women throughout history. Because why be a generic princess when you can be Frida Kahlo?


This amazing and oh-so cozy girl power blanket comes in both baby and adult sizes! Perfect for cuddling up with on a cold, rainy day while you plot how to take down the patriarchy.


How sweet is the Little Activist Kit? It comes with a t-shirt, letterhead, and tips for writing a letter to the president for any tinies with something to say to the administration!


Of course the ultimate gift for a Tiny Feminist …one of our punky tees!


Also available in the PMUK shop!


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