The Amazing Babies And Tweens Gift Guide

From Wee Ones To Tween Ones

Tween Gift Guide as well as for the babies in your life. Independent gift ideas for the kids. babies. Shop small and support these great brands.

Our pick of the best independent makers out there for fantastic gift ideas for your baby. When the kids are little, you have a tough time finding them gifts that will hold their attention longer or better than the box and tissue paper the gifts came in. When they get older, all your gifts have to pass the scrutiny of the aloof tween or teen eye. The struggle is real.  We hope this tween gift guide can help. 

Tween Gift Guide as well as for the babies in your life. Independent gift ideas for the kids. Shop small and support these great brands.

We (Paula & Randi) have put together a list of unique and thoughtful gifts for all the kids in your life. (Check out our recommendations for the mamas and papas here). We promise the children won’t totally hate them. Not little kids, but not quite teens, tweens can be a difficult group to please when it comes to holiday shopping. Once again, all of these shops are on Instagram and most are on the independent marketplace Etsy.

1. Pug Onesie

Pug onesie - Punk Baby Clothes - Gift Ideas For Kids

When your baby outgrows this pug onesie from Supayana, you already know you’ll save it until you find the perfect rad mom and baby to pass it on to. Yeah, it’s that kind of baby gift. You might even save this one for the Rubbermaid storage container. -R 

2. Support Your Local Girl Gang Art Print




Just like supporting your local mamas, it is important to support our girls too! Support your friends! Support your daughters! Support Your Local Girl Gang! You can find this print and many other cool kid gear in our own Punky Moms shop. We also have this design in stickers. -P

3. Keepsake Stuffed Animal

sleepy king bunny

This sweet bunny from Sleepy King is the kind of stuffed animal that becomes a keepsake, or at the very least, survives years of love. I’m smitten with the pattern and the warm fall colors. -R

4. Vintage Fisher Price Toys

gift ideas for babies

If it was good enough for you, it is good enough for them. I have slowly been trying to build up a collection of vintage Fisher Price toys for Oscar. Maybe I am nostalgic for a simpler time, but more than likely it is because I want to play with them too. There are lots of lovely independent shops to find some at, Atty’s Sprout Vintage is a fine example. -P 

5. Adventure Time Pendant

Gift Ideas for tweens 

They may be in the double digits now, but they’re not too old for Adventure Time. Well honestly, who is too old for Adventure Time? Never stop reminding them to make more adventures, with this Adventure Time pendant from the Labarbuda shop. -R

6. Teenage Feelings Patch

 Gift ideas for tweens - Teenage Feelings patch from Stay Home Club
They may be living it now! I know I got one of these for Randi for her last birthday because well, those feelings never go away. Plus the cool kids are super into patches these days, so I’ve heard. You can find this and all things aloof at Stay at Home Club. -P 

7. Temporary Tattoos


You might not be sure yet, how you feel about them getting tattooed someday. While you’re all figuring it out, make sure they are sporting only the finest of temporary tattoos – Alex Strangler temporary tattoos from Tattify are your best bet. -R 

8. Pizza Socks


Show me a kid who doesn’t like pizza?? I’m sure there are, and I feel bad for them honestly. Pizza socks are a crowd pleaser. Legion Wear has many other cool designs to choose from too. Skeletons, gummy bears, and chocolate doughnuts to name a few. Anybody else hungry? -P 

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  1. I shall tell all those who are having trouble trying to figure out what to get me for XMAS… That I want the pug onsie. They wouldn’t get it for me thugh because they know I WOULD in fact wear it out and about! LOL!

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