Punky Mom’s Gift Guide For The Mamas And Papas


Holiday Gift Guide For The Parents

Mama and papa bears are good at taking care of other people, but often forget to take care of themselves. When it comes to finding them the perfect gift, this can actually work to your advantage, since the art of good gift giving is finding something the other person would love to have but would probably never take the time (or money) to get for themselves.

Paula and Randi pulled together a list of carefully curated gifts from small (independent) shops to help you with your holiday shopping this year. All of these shops are on Instagram and almost all have shops on Etsy, so you can feel confident knowing you are supporting small businesses with these purchases. We feel we should note, it felt kinda weird choosing anything that was specifically for a dad or mom for this. There’s nothing here that we wouldn’t want for ourselves or feel confident giving to any dad we know. But for the sake of order, we will play along. 

1. Feminism Means Equality Shirt 

I think it’s safe to say that everyone can get behind equality. mamas. papas. wear this Cat Coven shirt for yourself, for each other, for your kids. -R

2. Black Nighs Sighs Travel Mug


For all the metal mamas and papas out there. Do you like your metal like you do your coffee? Take your liquid gold with you in this insulated travel mug. Printed in the UK by Red Temple Prayer. -P

3. Homemade Soap


I love fancy soaps. It feels decadent to use them and I don’t always splurge for them. They feel like the quintessential, #treatyourself gift too, which basically means you’re saying, “You really fucking deserve this.” and that’s pretty sweet to hear. Treat your mamas and mama friends to a 6 pack of homemade soap from Hello Soap. -R

4. After Grrrl Zine


I grew up in Fort Lauderdale in the mid 90s and was deeply involved in the riot goth movement that Jack off Jill created in South Florida. We mixed in the same circles and seeked out that same community of weirdos and misfits. The riot grrrl has grown up and as we say here at Punky Moms, we became riot mthrrrs. I am dying to get my hands on this zine. You can buy it directy through front woman Jessika’s online shop House of Addams. While you are at it, I’ll take this riot goth shirt too! -P

5. Tiny Saw Necklace

tumbleweedshc tinyknives

That is a tiny saw, people. in addition to making amazing sunglasses and camping utensils, Tumbleweeds Handcraft also takes custom orders for tiny knives (and axes and whisks!). A perfect gift for any badass in your life, really.  -R

6. Stay Strong Mother Hard T


This is a brand new t-shirt design by the bad ass mama Carrie of Mère Soeur. She literally just dropped them last week in a limited run. Because we can’t live (completely) free or ride (too) hard these days and it’s kinda not ok to live fast or die young either. Stay STRONG. MOTHER hard. -P

7. All the Bags


All of the bags – bucket bags, messenger bags, pannier bags, etc. – at Anhaica Bag Works are dreamy. Plus, they come in different sizes for the many different frames that people and bikes also come in. 

8. Star Wars Inspired Key Chain


You can’t ignore that a new Star Wars film is about to be released and with it a wave of new merchandise. I am loving Popsicle’s whole range of keychains (they even have a Rad dad one that rocks too). This simple and understated piece makes the perfect gift for those seeking out the force in their everyday lives. -P

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  1. YES. Every one of these :) Especially that saw necklace. WHY DO I LOVE IT SO MUCH? I’ve never operated any kind of heavy machinery in my life. Maybe it’s because I like when things are scaled down in size and small enough for a mouse to operate :) Have a great weekend!

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