Cat Lady Wishlist

Find the purrrrrrrrrfect gift

The Definitive Cat Lady Wish List

It’s that time of year again!  Time to wrack your brain trying to figure out that purrrfect gift for that oh so discerning cat lady in your life.  Well, look no further, because I, the cattiest of cat ladies, am here to help.  
The following is a list of items (in no particular order) sure to smitten every kitten.  I’ve scoured the World Wide Web to bring you these cat-tastic finds, so enjoy, and remember, lint rollers make great stocking stuffers for cat ladies.
 Gone are the days of the housecoat wearing cat lady.  We have smokin’ bods and we wanna show ’em off, dammit.  This little number would do that nicely.
Not that we need a reminder, but no cat lady could resist the charm of this glittery pillow. 
Cat ladies are an independent breed.  This mug will not only show everyone that you love cats, but also that you won’t take any shit, and in a super cute way.
So I guess I have a thing for cats flipping me off.  It’s goddamn adorable.  And I’m a big fan of giving the finger, so it’s only fitting, I guess.  This iPhone case is purrrfect for anyone like me.  
This is a two-fer.  Remember how I said to forget the old image of the crazy cat lady? Well throw out her slippers too, cause she needs cute shoes!  I prefer heels, but I’ve included flats as an option cause sometimes we have to chase our cats around and heels just aren’t practical.
These pillowcases would be right at home on any cat lady’s bed.  Of course, you’d probably have to move her real cats to see them.
What better place for a cat lady to store her pennies than these adorable cat face purses?  And there’s five, because we never have just one cat!

This is just plain old good advice.  


Okay, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this tank.  In case you didn’t know, I’m not only a cat lady, I’m also a pizza queen.  This combines my two great loves.  And this is my list, dammit!
C.R.E.A.M. I don’t care what you THINK it stands for, but it’s Cats Rule Everything Around Me.  Trust me.  


Cat Lady Wishlist Gift Guide

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