Five Cinco de Mayo Cocktails To Try! Let’s Drink Tequila!

Five Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails You Are Going To Love

Cinco de Mayo may not have historically been based around parties and drinking but the modern day celebrations definitely have morphed into that.  Derived from the agave plant, Tequila is used for a lot more than just shots and margaritas!  Here are five delicious tequila Cinco de Mayo cocktails guaranteed to get you in the mood for a Mexican fiesta! 

1. Raspberry Palomes from Garnish with Lemon

2. Tequila Limeade by Mantitlement

3. Mexican Mai Tai via A Spicy Perspective

4. Mayan Mule by Complex

5. Strawberry Margarita Punch from The Cookie Rookie


Tell us what your favorites Cinco de mayo cocktails are in the comments! 

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Cinco de Mayo Cocktails You Are Going To Love


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