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Tucking my littlest in and I spotted her rabbit and asked why there was marker on the ear. She said because she drew on it.

Ok, fair enough. So out of my mouth comes why do you draw on everything.

First she shrugged. Then she said “because I am a child.” The she said, children draw on everything, adults only draw on paper.

I got nothing. She’s absolutely correct. And I told her as much. Then we did our good night, sleep tight and it was over.

Sometimes I forget “because I am a child”, especially because my kids are with a few notable exceptions, so very grown up. And the exceptions tend to be in things that I know I am not the best role model for, like tidying up after myself on a regular basis instead of a couple of times a week (big things, not tiny things). I’m working on it. Maybe it will happen before I die. I have much more important things to do than tidy up. Like ask why stuffed rabbits have marker on their ears.


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