50 Self Care Ideas For Autumn

50 Self Care Ideas For Autumn

Autumn is one of my fav times of year. The leaves start to change color and the air a little bit crisper. Self-care is something we should be practising year-round but in fall and with the change of seasons it is definitely important.

There is no better way to lift your mood than taking care of yourself and getting cozy when the summer social activities have drawn to an end.

Sometimes though, the dark, cold days and nights can leave us feeling a little deflated. The sun can be our friend and with winter on our doorstep and the days getting darker, we must work on taking care of ourselves.

We have compiled this list of 50 ideas, 50 days of self-care ideas you can do in the autumn and winter season.

  1. Have a digital detox from all devices. We host a monthly one in My Radical Self
  2. Cuddle up to your hot water bottle.
  3. Dig your cold weather pjs out of the closet.
  4. Write a letter to release emotions
  5. Slow down and savor the day.
  6. Bake goodies and share them with someone you love (or just you).
  7. Light candles or a fireplace and RELAX.
  8. Let go of that thing that has been bothering you.
  9. Wash your sheets and bring out the warm blankets.
  10. Watch romantic movies.
  11. Do a thing you have been afraid to do.
  12. Do something to celebrate your body.
  13. Buy your favorite flowers to bring nature inside.
  14. Choose a day to unplug and get outside.
  15. Enjoy your morning beverage outside.
  16. Pick a bad habit that you want to commit to working on.
  17. Spend time outside journaling or writing. Honestly, get outside.
  18. Indulge in all the pumpkin things.
  19. Have a good declutter and get rid of things you do not need.
  20. Give yourself a massage with a good lotion.
  21. Masturbate.
  22. Buy or make something to add to your autumn wardrobe.
  23. Make some pumpkin chilli.
  24. Get started on some Winter wellness home remedies.
  25. Check-in on an elderly soul you know.
  26. Add some fall decor to your home.
  27. Plan a list of things you would like to do this fall.
  28. Add essential oils to your bath or shower.
  29. Cuddle with an animal.
  30. Listen to some autumn tunes.
  31. Eat more seasonal vegetables (squash, sweet potato, carrots).
  32. Make a yummy soup.
  33. Send a text to an old friend.
  34. Put on some warm fuzzy socks.
  35. Streeeeeeetttttttccccccch
  36. Join My Radical Self
  37. Enjoy a cup of tea.
  38. Visit a farmer’s market.
  39. Create a Pinterest board of things you love.
  40. Watch the sunset.
  41. Make a fancy breakfast. You deserve it.
  42. Roast some veggies.
  43. Carve a pumpkin.
  44. Make a homemade face mask, take care of your skin with the weather changing.
  45. Paint your nails a pretty autumn color.
  46. Make plans with a friend in your community.
  47. Collect leaves and other treasures in the park.
  48. Create a gratitude list.
  49. Make homemade apple cider
  50. Let autumn be a chance to let go off things with the changing of the leaves. You are amazing.

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