Useful Self Care Ideas That Don’t Involve Spending Money

Here are 40 self-care ideas that don't cost anything, because you shouldn't have to spend money to feel good. Image description of record player and woman sitting with purple socks.

We all know that self-care goes way beyond buying a Lush bath bomb. Don’t get me wrong, they are freaking awesome but aside from the expense, the effects are short lasting. We wanted to compile a list of self care tips that everyone can benefit from. These activities are quick habits that you can add to your own self care routine. Self care ain’t selfish. It is important to take care of yourself as often as you can.

A member recently asked for some self care ideas in our Punky Moms Facebook group and as always, our Punkies gave some fantastic advice. Here are 40 selfcare ideas that don’t cost anything, because you shouldn’t have to spend money to feel good. Psssh it’s also classist.

Here are 40 self-care ideas that don't cost anything, because you shouldn't have to spend money to feel good. Image description of pink mug and books on top of a desk.
  1. Find ‘Good as Hell’ by Lizzo on Youtube and dance. You’re welcome
  2. Put your favorite lipstick on.
  3. Go outside, even just for a minute
  4. Journal
  5. Music loud – sing a long. Our self care playist helps.
  6. Stretching.
  7. Watch funny cat videos.
  8. If you can, go for a walk, as fast as you can manage. Notice the world around you. The birds singing.
  9. Pancakes
  10. Have a LLB – Legendary Long Bath
  11. Paint your nails
  12. Napping
  13. Reading
  14. Doodling /sketching /coloring
  15. Masturbate
  16. Make yourself a cup of tea
  17. Change the sheets on your bed and make it
  18. Mashed banana face mask! Add yogurt/oatmeal/cinnamon too. You don’t need a whole banana so one that’s been half abandoned by a toddler is perfect!
  19. Have breakfast in the garden if it’s not too cold.
  20. Take a shower
  21. Moisturize
  22. Watch your favorite film
  23. Steam your face with a towel over a bowl of hot water and some essential oils.
  24. Dance!
  25. Wash your face
  26. Making all the to-do lists.
  27. Looking at recipe books
  28. Reorganising stuff.
  29. Looking through the weekly Punky Mom’s meme drops in the Family group and PMUK.
  30. Get your hands and feet on the earth. Do some gardening and get your hands in the soil, walk barefoot on grass.
  31. Pumice and moisturise your feet
  32. Tell yourself you are beautiful in a mirror and smile.
  33. Brush your teeth
  34. Spray yourself with your favorite scent.
  35. Do one easy piece of housework so you feel like you’ve accomplished *something*.
  36. Pretend you’re your own best friend, then tell yourself 3 amazing things your body can do, 3 things you’re great at, and 3 things you can realistically do today. 
  37. Download the Insight Timer app and do a 5 min guided meditation.
  38. Write a gratitude list.
  39. Pick some wildflowers and put them on display somewhere in your house where you can easily see them.
  40. Choose a room, have a good clean, move some things around and make it smell all nice. Then every time you walk into that room for a few days/a week you will see the change and it just feels nice.

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Got any to share? We’d love to hear them. In the meantime…

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