More Summer Activities! 97 Things To Do this Summer – Part Two

All Kid friendly. Check out our other post for even more ideas!

Looking for ideas of things to do this summer? Some cool summer activities? Here is a list of 97 different activities to cure the summer boredom blues.

Here is the second part of the great list of summer activities to try out this summer with your kids. We know how hard it is to keep those little rugrats occupied! Got any to share? We’d love to hear about your summer activities in the comments!

  1. Swing on a tire swing or a rope swing. Don’t have one? Make a tire swing or Make a rope swing.

48. Fix your bike… spruce it up… and ride with friends.

  1. Learn how to do the backstroke.

50. Run through the sprinklers—this never gets old!

51. Make “custom” koolaid by mixing flavors. Make multiple pitchers so you don’t waste the koolaid.

52. Develop your own superhero

53. Have a water balloon fight with your siblings. But don’t get mad when you get wet.

54. Go someplace you’ve never gone before. It can be a park, a store down the street… pick a place and go (let your parents know where you’re going).

55. Make a new friend. Reach out to someone who has just moved into your neighborhood or to someone that maybe doesn’t have a lot of friends. They might end up being your best buddy.

56. Give your grandparents a big hug for no reason!

57. Take an etiquette class. Learn when to use specific forks and how to be polite at all times.

58. Learn the physics of skateboarding. 

59. Barter your services. Want to ride a horse? Offer to clean out stalls in return for riding time. Want to take guitar lessons? Offer to mow the instructor’s lawn in return for lessons. Get your parent’s permission and then make sure you follow through on your end.

60. Think about what you want to be when you grow up and find out what type of education is required. Go online and determine the demand for that field and the starting salary. Some adults do what they love regardless of the compensation, others go into a field because of its high pay. 

61. Go to the drive-in movies with your family. Drive-ins are disappearing. Enjoy them while you can.

62. Learn how to do a cartwheel.

63. Celebrate June 21 Summer Solstice by playing songs with the word summer in them. 

64. Go to a garage sale… or two… or three. They’re great fun.

65. Exercise in the pool. It’s so much easier than on dry land—and more enjoyable too.

66. Clean your room for absolutely no reason, other than to surprise your Mom.

67. Play hide and go seek—in the DARK! Turn off all the lights in the house… and play for hours. Warning—this can get a bit raucous. Parental permission required.

68. Learn how things work. Explanations of how gps and the fax machine work are scheduled in the news. Every month, we are going to explain how one piece of technology works. You can find out how just about anything works by going to

69. Try a food you’ve never tasted before. Come on… take a bite!

70. Dream big!

71. Check out the website Learn and help people at the same time.

72. With your parent’s permission, have a yard sale and donate the proceeds to charity.

73. Learn to whistle.

74. Understand the science behind fireworks

75. Build a time capsule

76. Make a bird feeder out of a used milk container. Learn what kinds of seeds will attract the birds you want (make sure there are lots of dark sunflower seeds in the mix).

77. Write a play and act it out

  1. Start a collection. What do you like? Rocks, stamps, figurines?

79. Go a day without phone calls, texts, tv, radio or computers. This might be difficult!

80. Make banana splits.

81. Make a terrarium

82. Devise a fire plan for your home

83. Become a tourist in your own town. What do tourists see when visiting your area? Have you seen these same attractions?

84. Help your parents plan your next family holiday (you’ll love our travel guides!)

85. Make a bucket list of things you want to do before you are 12, 16, and 18. Share this with your parents. See how you can start crossing things off your list.

86. Learn all about wolves

87. Understand the physics behind roller coasters. They aren’t as dangerous as they seem! 

88. Eat healthy! (Our meal planner can help make this fun!) 

89. Find out how hot air balloons work. Depending on where you live, you might be able to go on one or at least watch them take off. Did you know they actually make a lot of noise? 

90. Read the book The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter. If you can, watch the 1958 feature film adaptation produced by Walt Disney Productions and then compare the two.

91 Make your own video. Humorous? A music video? Your choice.

92. Learn how to bowl. 

93. Make pink lemonade bars

94. Do something…anything you choose… to make you a better you.

95. Learn to read music.

96. Make and fly a kite

97. Last but not least… get ready for school to resume.  Summer is GREAT but so is the fall!

This list of 97 Summer Activities of Things to do this Summer has been brought to you by Laurel Springs School.


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