The Birth Story Of Kieran – When The Doctor Says You Are Being Too Loud

I was so exhausted, I barely remember that moment. He latched on instantly and the rest is history.

It all started January 5th, 2016 at 5am. I woke from a deep sleep, thinking I was wetting the bed. It turned out my water had broke a week early. I jumped out of bed and stood on the door mat so I wouldn’t get it all over the floor. It was cold and I was shaking but no contractions followed. I called my midwife and she came running over (she lived down the street from me). My midwife advised me to wait to head to the hospital until my contractions started and got closer, as I would be on the hospitals clock then and they would be forced to induce or consider c-section if I didn’t move fast enough for them.

That day I walked miles to get them started. I even went grocery shopping!

At about 1am on January 6th the contractions started. I was asleep and my partner woke me up because I was moaning in my sleep. He was watching me for a while and timing them. Around 2am we called my midwife and headed to the hospital. We lied about when my water broke, on my midwife’s advice, so as to give my body a little more time to contract. I was only 3cm dilated.

Around 3am the doctor finally came into the room and told us I wasn’t dilating fast enough and they would need to induce with pitocin. I was set on having a natural birth and refused to watch the video on epidurals. Legally, you had to watch it before consenting to one. I asked for another hour to see what my body did.

At 4am they began pitocin. The contractions came on hard and fast. My partner was rubbing my back and I told my midwife and friend to take a nap because I felt this might take a while.

Around 10am I was so tired and exhausted from hours of pitocin induced contractions, I begged for an epidural. They made me watch the video and it was awful. Everyone in the room started crying, including my nurse. This gave me the strength to continue my course and I refused the epidural. The doctor came in saying I was being too loud and, ‘if I didn’t calm down they would schedule me for an emergency c-section.’ I collected myself and powered on. My friend in the room with me said I reminded her of elephants climbing a mountain. Finally, at around 12, I felt that natural need to push. It felt like only minutes passed and he was here. but I was pushing for 47 minutes. I had reached the top of the mountain.

Kieran was a beautiful 6 pounds 14 ounces boy. I was so exhausted, I barely remember that moment. He latched on instantly and the rest is history.

I was so exhausted, I barely remember that moment. He latched on instantly and the rest is history.

I asked to keep the papers from the monitor that recorded my contractions and his heartbeat, but the nurse said they would be used for students (it was a school hospital) because I was the first delivery on pitocin with no epidural in that hospital. She gave me a snippet for my scrap book.

A year later and I’m so in love with my boy.

Danyel is a traveling mum, adventuring across the country with the renaissance Faire, with her son, amazing partner and two dogs. Friends describe her as the “wonder from down under”. She’ll always offer a wandering soul a place to lay their head and warm meal to fill their bellies.

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