Afterbirth Shopping List – The Absolute Essentials

Some Tips To Help Your Body Recover Afterbirth.

This is the nitty gritty ladies!  After you have squeezed your little angel out of your crotch, the road to recovery can be difficult. Here are some tips from some of our members on what you should have on hand to help ease the pain. This is the essential afterbirth shopping list.

“Childbirth is the marathon you are going to run without going anywhere.” says forum member Larene. “Your hormones might shift right around when the milk comes in and with it a FLOOD of crazy hormones. Give yourself time to collect yourself. Sleep when people tell you to, it is not being mean but you really DO need it. Breastfeeding does NOT come natural to some moms. Do not be scared to ask for help if you do need it. “


For your vag and boobs. Things are going to leak.


Ample cushions and pillows for seating. That whole area is going to be tender.

Witch hazel

If you put it straight on your pads, make sure to dilute it a little. There are gels out there as well as hemorrhoid pads (Tucks) that will help soothe. We put witch hazel on everything – it’s always our answer to ailments. 


Next best thing to ice. Some hospitals might provide it.  It is an over the counter spray that numbs the external vaginal area after delivery. Great for after birth, episiotomy, or tear shudder


As in adult diapers. Those gigantic pads are so uncomfortable and move around, you bleed all over the damn place. Depends, work like a fucking charm and are a million times more comfortable.  Not to mention you might not be able  to hold your bladder for nothing for about a week. Oh yeah, they are also great for wearing after your water breaks. So you are not constantly leaking down your leg as you walk and move during labor. Get a LARGE garbage can for the bathroom for the few weeks after birth. 

Peri Bottle

Maybe you are lucky to get one at the hospital. If you are having a home birth, definitely get one to have at home. That thing’s a godsend. You spray your nether bits with water instead of wiping with paper.  Even if you are having a c-section, using the bottle instead of trying to bend around to really clean yourself off will really help until the staples came out. 

Do you have anything to add to this afterbirth shopping list? What was essential for you after you gave birth?

afterbirth shopping list essentials

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