22 Inspirational Stories of Women Doing Great Things

When I set out to contact other mamas for this mama community article, I never realized how amazing it would be for my own psyche. I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I’m not worried about sharing other mom communities, in fear that our members will leave us for greener pastures. Motherhood is a space whose initiation can seem cruel at times when trying to find a group and be accepted. This is about community, not competition. I hope we all make it!

Why is that? Why do people feel the need to belittle or bring down others? We are all in this together! The following women are doing their thing. Loud and proud. They are helping to bring community and friendship to all the mothers they meet. It is a privilege to feature them here on Punky Moms. We invite you to please take a look at their projects. These mamas deserve to be recognized.

22 Inspirational women doing great things

22 Mamas In Our Community To Support

mama gang

Stephanie Evans
Corpus Cristi, Texas USA
The Alternative Mom
IG @thealternativemom

I don’t even know where to begin with how important mama gangs are. ESPECIALLY an online mom based support group.. As a stay at home mom, I often felt secluded, lonely, and totally an outcast in my views (and alternative looks). I craved the “good old days” when I had friends at my fingertips.. I know so many women can relate.

Having an online mom group for similar minded moms has been my sanity saver. There is nothing better than a group of women from all over, understanding you and your parenting style, relating to you, laughing with you, crying with you, and coming together as a virtual community.. I’ve made some of the best girlfriends I could ever ask for! Everyone needs to find their mama gang niche and run with it!

jade wilson mama gang

Jade Wilson
Norfolk, UK

Mama Gangs are what keeps us mums going. It’s not about having obvious or close friends, it’s about surrounding yourself with people who are in the same boat as you. It’s about having people you can talk to, without them judging you. Mama gangs are about being a community. Helping each other by being a hub and network of information, words of advice, and most of all support. They’re about having that common bond and knowing the right thing to say. Mama gangs are the best!

mama gang

Irene Quevedo
Redondo Beach, California USA

Supporting my MAMAS is critical to building a circle of progress. Support to me means a network of growing together to be the best we can be. We need a network of guidance as we navigate motherhood and the occasional craziness of life. Personally, I have built a strong union with a small circle of moms (moms I can’t live without). These moms make me better and I hope to return the favor.

mama gang

Diana Bardega
London, UK

We don’t all have our families close by and sometimes we are the first of our friends to have children. Its an amazing new life chapter when you have children but I personally wasn’t prepared for how isolating Motherhood would be. I felt overwhelmed finding my way in the unchartered territories of parenthood (and to be honest at times still do). But my local mama gang became my lifeline.

They say ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and it really does. We can’t do it on our own. It’s a team – a community even – effort. We need the equally sleep deprived friends who don’t mind if we show up un-showered…and the friends we can cry with when we are at our wits end and it all feels too much…and the local mothers who will lend us nappies or Calpol or drop round food in times of emergency…and just the feeling of solidarity in the local playground or at the train station when we are off to work leaving the kids crying.

This is why I started The Mamahood. To find ways of really connecting like-minded mamas in their local communities. To enable us to put down the phone, get off the Facebook forum or blog and actually meet those mums that live round the corner in our hood. To give mothers a chance to meet and make and share and talk and trade together. Because when mothers support each other incredible things really do happen!

mama gang

Abby Massey
Nebraska, USA
Wee Vintage Baby IG @weevintage
Sleepy Tribe IG @sleepy_tribe

Sleepy Tribe took on a couple meanings for me, exhausted with a new baby in the home I knew what it was to be part of a sleepy tribe! I loved the idea of building a tribe of parents and littles. Building a community of motherhood and parenting but in an authentic, honest, and comical way. Because, lets be honest, motherhood is messy, scary, funny, exhausting AND beautiful.

angela mama gang

Angela Milnes
Coppull. Lancashire, UK

Since the day my daughter was born I have been chronically unwell. At first I was misdiagnosed as having fatigue and it wasn’t until my child was 5 that I got a correct diagnosis of Adrenal Insufficiency a serious condition which makes me continuously sick and unwell. I could not find a support network online for mothers who are stuck indoors who suffer from my illness or in fact any chronic illnesses so I created my own Blog Days in Bed to share my journey, support and inspire mothers in similar situations. Being part of a group of supportive Mamas we are able to share experiences and support one another not just with chronic illness but through all sort of trials and difficulties including miscarriage and still birth. I finally feel part of a group of friends and feel supported and able to support others from my bedside and that makes me feel fantastic.

mama gang

Maryln Pena
Modesto, California USA
IG @littleredbowtique

Being a mom is the best job in the world, but it’s also the toughest. Some days can be overwhelming and lonely, but we are not alone. We are together in this journey. Let’s uplift, support, and strengthen each other.

mama gang

Alex M
London, UK
asideorderofme.com IG @asideorderofme

I have always been brutally honest about my experience as a mum so far. For me sharing with other mums and letting them feel they are not alone is so important. I feel so protective sometimes about mums around me and turn into a bit of a mama bird.

Motherhood is a journey not a war, everyone should be on the same side, which is why we should always look out for each other.

mama gang

Amy Shipp
Sydney, Australia
mumlifeproject.com #mumlifeproject

Motherhood is a crazy mixture of imperfection and beauty, but it’s also a time of self-discovery and acceptance. When we unite and love one another, without judgement, we not only help women through one of the most important times in their lives, but we will also help the next generation of children by showing just how much kindness and love can change the world in the most simplest of ways.

denny mama gang

Lisbon, Portugal

Us ladies have to stick together, it really does take a village to raise a child, and that’s ok! We can’t do it all alone, and we shouldn’t have too! Being a parent/ a mum is a huge adventure, and its a lot more fun and less stressful if you have a strong community of people to share it with and help you along the way. People who share their own stories and knowledge with you, people who help, support and give you drive to chase your dreams and ambitions without judging you! A happy mum who feels loved and supported is more likely to raise a well-rounded happy child.

mama gang

Hailey Andresen
Brooklyn, NY

Women supporting women in general is so important. I’m sure most of us went through the horror of high school drama as young women, and it constantly shocks me when I hear stories of adult women that resemble ones I remember from back then. I am lucky enough to have found a group of moms here in Brooklyn that I align with, that I can turn to for advice or a good laugh, and even more than that, I feel lucky to have found a group of ladies who support each other without judgement. Each of our experiences with motherhood are unique to us, but it is so incredible not to feel entirely alone through the process. I am beyond grateful for the fellow moms I have in my life.

mama gang

Amy Louise Mataczynski
Detroit, Michigan USA

You know how hard it is to be a woman. You know how hard it is to be a mother. Think about it. We know how, even in today’s society, it’s tough. As women & as mothers we need to be supporting each other and empowering each other as much as possible. To set an example for our children.

Support each other. Don’t criticise other mums choices-welcome them. Look out for each other, and be kind. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she can do anything, be anything, and I want a strong group of females behind her egging her on. We’re all such strong individuals but together we are a fucking force to be reckoned with.

mama gang

Michaela Evanow
Vancouver, BC Canada
michaelaevanow.com IG: @michaela_evanow

I belong to two mama communities. With my business I come across so many hard-working, entrepreneurial mamas. I make globally inspired mama friendly jewellery. I love connecting with other like-minded creatives. There can often be so much competition and “kindness” with strings attached, but I don’t have time for that. If we aren’t supportive, we are secretly jealous of another’s success. If we aren’t kind, we are competitive. If we aren’t respectful of individuals ideas and creativity, we are no fun to be around.

The other mama community I run with is filled with mothers living with grief or caring for medically fragile children. I lost my daughter, Florence Marigold, in May 2015 to a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She was three years old with a head full of curly blonde hair. As a writer, it is vital for me to express my grief and feel everything. This is how I cope and heal. I started the hashtag #MamaGrief, to help normalize grief, in order to bring more authenticity, support and community to those in grief. It is now a sacred space for mothers to share their stories and find connection with others mothers that are a part of this tribe. No one wants to be here, but we are. So we use our words and pictures and voices to virtually wrap each other up in our arms and share the love. It is such a gift.

mama gang

Amy Rose
Peterborough, UK

Supporting other mamas is so important! As mothers we know how bloody difficult this whole mothering thing can be and by offering a little support or just some nice words to another mum that might be having a tough time/hasn’t slept properly in months/wants to give up and have a glass of wine at 10 in the morning, you could end up being the motivation that mama needed to get up, look after herself and rule the world.

katie ashley mama gang

Katie Ashley
Charleston, South Carolina USA

I never knew how important creating a tribe of rockstar women was until I became a Mother. As a young women most of my friends were guys and I viewed most girls and catty and mean. Now, I’m thankful everyday for the amazing women I have in my life. Some are fellow Mamas, some are #girlboss entrepreneurs, and some are currently childless and unattached but all offer support, encouragement, inspiration, authentic connection and fun in their own ways. It’s been said that Satsang, community with like minded individuals, is the most important practice at this time. That becomes more and more true to me as I see the magic created in my life and the lives of my friends when we all lean in and lift each other up.

mama gang

Vicki Psarias-Broadbent
Leeds, UK

I’m all about the sisterhood or mamahood in this case, and with the Jan slump comes the rallying around of my girlfriends for dinner and cocktails to celebrate a no doubt tiring festive season done, where we’ve collectively catered, hosted and entertained, along with partners, kids and relatives.

I sometimes escape with fellow mamas to a spa, even if just for the day too, to unwind and chill out after the craziness. My number one Mama, my own Mum, and I will have quality time together too, we usually plan a trip to London for a shopping and culture hit or head to the opera in Leeds for an evening out, just us two.

I’m so lucky to have the strongest unit of female friends and relatives in my life- their love, support and laughter means the freakin’ world to me and I plan to let them know that as often as possible. Aw.

mama gang april

April Bogus
Austin, Texas USA

Only fellow moms truly understand how difficult yet rewarding it is to be a mom. Not only do they see the bigger picture, they also see the tiny minutia of everyday life that makes all of the hard work worthwhile. A mom gang lifts you up when you are down, stands up for you when you can not or will not do it for yourself, and calls you on your crap. Mom gangs are essential to being a well rounded, well understood, and well supported mom.

mama gang

Nottingham, UK

When I found out we were expecting a baby one of the first thoughts I had was that I wouldn’t be able to connect with other mothers. Things are quiet where we live, there’s not many mamas with the same interests and passions as me, I have a habit of sticking out like a sore thumb. Then I came across communities and networks like Punkymoms and realised there were mamas like me, who had the same dreams, hopes – and fears – for motherhood, mamas who I could relate to. It’s shown me that I don’t need to live next door to the perfect mum; I can connect with other mamas all over the world in seconds and receive advice, reassurance and support like no other. That’s why it’s important to support the mamas in my life, both online and ‘in real life’, because they’ve supported me.

mama gang Haley

Hayley Blue
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

You had a baby. Maybe you’re the last of your friends to have one. Maybe you’re the first. Either way you are entering a completely different realm of being. It’s like being North of the wall in Game of Thrones (currently binging on/TV obsession, who’s with me?), everything you thought you once knew…forget it. It doesn’t matter now. But what’s rad? You’re not alone and thanks to social media it is so easy to discuss the weird things going on in your life, whether it be your bodily fluids, or your tiny babe starting to crawl and challenging your every baby-proofing attempt. What about your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband? Although they try their hardest, they will never GET IT quite like our fellow mamas do. Us mamas will be there to support and understand one another when you swear you can’t clean up another shit-literally-everywhere sorta mess, or when you are so tired not even a revolver (a local salt lake coffee house drink with 8 shots) can pry your heavy eyes open. Being a mom is the hardest most rewarding job in the universe. It’s vital that we are there to cheer one another on and celebrate even the most minute victories day in and day out…because whether your babe is a month old or fifteen, the challenges never stop; and honestly, that’s the beauty of this entire motherhood thing. It never ceases to grow you. I love every damn mom out there, you’re all heroes. Let’s keep fighting together and take time to stop and smell the roses…or shit…whatever your roses may be.

mama gang

Siobhan Miller
London, UK
thepositivebirthcompany.co.uk IG @thepositivebirthcompany

When women support each other amazing things happen. That’s a fact. Women are amazing and capable and strong and it’s so easy to forget that when you’ve been up all night for six solid months or knee deep in nappies and literal shit or being told how embarrassing you are by your teenage daughter (excuse the stereotype). So when women remind each other how freaking awesome they are and support and inspire each other then truly brilliant fantastic things can happen. And it feels good. Who enjoys being in competition with other Mothers?? There are no winners in motherhood. You had no issues breastfeeding, great, they will probably be a nightmare to wean. Your baby slept through from 2 weeks? Awesome. They will probably stop sleeping at 18 months. You never know what life and motherhood and parenting is going to throw at you so rather than being smug as others struggle it’s always better to show compassion and support because one day no doubt you will face your own battles. Being part of a group of mega mums is like being in the best club ever and best of all, you’re a member forever.

mama gang

Hipster Mum
Sydney, Australia
IG @hipster_mum

My mum raised seven children in a foreign country. It was only when I had kids myself that I realised how isolated she must have felt through those years of nappy changing, bottle washing, feeding and cleaning. Knowing there are mums like her everywhere around me makes me want to reach out, chat, mind the kids and be there in any way that I can.

mama gang

Nicola Appleton
Bristol, UK

When people ask me how I’m finding being a mum I say words to the effect of, “being a mother is amazing. It’s wonderful. There’s so much love in my heart that some days I feel like it could burst.” Which is all true. What I don’t say is that there are other days when motherhood leaves me feeling so isolated I just want to sink to the kitchen floor and sob.

But I’m not alone, not really. Millions of women are experiencing the exact same feeling at pretty much the exact same time.

To me, supporting your local mama gang isn’t about hanging out together in matching T-shirts after Rhyme Time or picketing your local primary school for not offering organic soy milk as a snack time alternative to cow’s. It’s about sensing that a fellow-mum is having a shit day and being there for her. It could be at the park, school gates or even on social media. She could be one of your closest mum friends, or you might have never seen this woman before in your life. Give her a smile. Show your support. She’s not alone, and neither are you.

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  2. This is awesome! Every mama needs support for sure. We need to build each other up and be honest because being a mom is tough, but wonderful at the same time.

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