“I Never Thought To Squat!” And Other Punky -isms

Punky Moms is the parenting group you never knew you needed. Aside from meeting other parents, it is also here to teach you about life, with Punky -isms.

It’s Thursday and I overslept today. I have been working and going to school non-stop, when I’m not taking care of kids. So fuck it. I’ve decided I’m taking a “Me” day. I’m going to sit here in my pajamas with no bra on, listen to punk rock, write my heart out and then maybe head to Target to buy some shit. Ironically, most of my day is centering around Punky Moms.

I check the Facebook Group to communicate with some of my favorites. I’m listening to a pop punk playlist from their spotify mixtapes I’m writing for Punky Moms. Later I’m going to shop for my Punky Moms Swap…and it occurs to me, THESE are my people.

I am astonished I have people that are Internet friends. I swear, if you would’ve told me three years ago (I found Punky Moms shortly after having my youngest) that I’d actually have Internet Friends, I’d have told you you’re being ridiculous. Yet here I sit, happier than ever, with all of my internet friends. People I share my innermost secrets with. People I know I can rely on if I need them. People whom I know won’t judge me. It’s all surreal for me.

In the past two and a half years, I have learned so much from Punky Moms.

Punky Moms is the parenting group you never knew you needed. Aside from meeting other parents, it is also here to teach you about life, with Punky -isms.

I am here to share some of these Punky -isms with you.

  1. “I never thought to squat!” Seriously, every single time I shave my lady bits, I think of my fellow punky family who shared with me the tip to squat while shaving in order to reach the most difficult areas.
  2. “Let people enjoy things.” What other people do, and wear, is largely none of my business, and judging them for it CERTAINLY isn’t my lot in life.
  3. “Polyamory is a thing.” This was something I read on one of those, 4 words to your 17 year old self posts. But for reals y’all…polyamory is a thing and it can look quite admirable in its true form.
  4. “Sex isn’t shameful.” One of the things I love most about Punky Moms, is that it is so sex-positive. I love sex, but women who love sex are often shamed by society. Not here, ladies, not here. 
  5. “You are not alone.” Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned is, I am not alone, and other Punkies are not alone either. Mental health issues are not stigmatized, people are not judged, ideas are not hated, and we are all accepted for exactly who we are.

So come, my Internet friends (I still cringe, hearing myself say that), come join us over at Punky Moms and share your punkyisms here!

Biz is a former social worker turned freelance makeup artist, sewist, & writer. She thrives on caffeine & snuggles from her three sons.


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