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 The greatest challenge I’ve been handed.
The greatest gift I’ve been given.
My life-changer.
My purpose. 


It’s love at first sight.
It’s magic.
It’s soaring.
It’s heartbreak.
It’s helplessness.
It’s tears of happiness.
It’s tears of frustration. 


Feeling relief when your husband comes home and holds the baby after a long day of what seems like unending crying only to realize how very empty your arms feel without her in them.
The rush of freedom that floods over you when you leave your daughter with her grandma for your first full day back to work, then aching, and I mean aching with your entire body and soul, because you can’t be with her. 


Watching your child change every day. Learning. Growing. Gazing at the world, full of wonder.
Cheering her on when she does something as simple as reaching for a toy and grabbing it with her little pudgy fingers for the first time.
Pride so big it makes your chest swell up three times because she mimicked a face you made. Raised eyebrows. Tongue out.
Wondering about the person she will be. A ballerina. A firefighter. A doctor. A race car driver. An artist. A rancher. An actress. 
Praying that no matter what you do, no matter what curve balls life may throw, and no matter what she decides she wants to be, that you are teaching her with each day to be kind and compassionate above all else.
Being eager for her first steps, her first word, the first times she tells you “I love you, mama.”
Wishing you could hit rewind for the afternoon, so you can hold your fresh, new, 6lb 14oz baby girl again…baffled that she can be so different in just 142 days.
Begging time to please, please… Please. Just slow down.


Knowing just what your baby needs.
Questioning your every decision.
Recognizing every cry.
Frustration when you can’t.
Sleep deprivation.
Endless snuggles.
Three days in the same tshirt.
Love that has no limit.


Motherhood - Read More Voices of Parenting at

Bekah is a wife, mama, and photographer loving life in small town Nebraska. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @sincerely.bekah 

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  1. Beautiful! I gave birth to a son a year and a half ago, and that was after having two daughters 10 and 13 years ago! Since so much time had passed since I last had a child, I am now able to *really* enjoy my baby cause I know how fleeting and precious the baby/toddler years are. Much mommy love from me to you! :)
    Shelly´s last blog post ..Pics or It Didn’t Happen

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