It All Started With A Big Bang! The Sex Talk

How to have the sex talk with your kids. It all starts with the big bang

The Sex Talk

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

My husband and I are planning a date night later this month. Date night is a big deal for us as I work early government hours during the week, and he works restaurant hours – nights and weekends. We don’t get a lot of quality time together. In an effort to make date night more fun and special, my wonderful husband arranged for the children to have a sleep over with friends, then booked us a room at one of his company’s hotels downtown.

This morning, as he was getting the kids ready for school (I had already left for work), he told them of this plan. Then our nearly 8 year old daughter says: “Are you going to get naked and have sex?”

I wish I could have seen the look on his face.

He asked her where she had heard that and she apparently just giggled and said she didn’t know.

Naturally, he texted me immediately after this happened, then we spoke about it after he dropped them off at school.

Later this evening, she brought it up again with me. “Daddy said you were going to stay at a hotel and get naked and have sex.”

First I asked her where she heard about this.

“Howard Wolowitz.” (For some reason, Howard is her favorite character on the Big Bang Theory… he skeeves me out.)

How to have the sex talk with your kids. It all starts with the big bang
The Big Bang Theory’s Hot Troll Deviation episode


I asked her if she knew what sex was.

“You get naked in bed with someone and kiss a lot.”

I explained that was basically what happens while she giggled a lot. Then she asked, “Did you and daddy ever do that?”

I said yes and that was how she and her brother got to be. Then explained that it was something you did as a grown up and only with someone you love and who loves you back.

She mulled this over for a while, then informed me that I should tell my siblings that if they wanted to have babies so that she could have a cousin, then  they should “have complete and total sex.”

It was very hard for me to not lose it laughing.

I won’t stop her from watching this show. She has to learn about these things at some point. May as well do it with good humor involved.

How to have the sex talk with your kids. It all starts with the big bang


This blog post about the sex talk was originally posted on PM Persephone’s blog The Night’s Plutonian Shore and cross-posted with her permission. 

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