Forty Weeks Pregnant. The BIG 4-0.

Forty weeks pregnant
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The BIG 4-0.

No, I am not talking about my age. Today is my sell-by date. You know, that date you will remember just as readily as you will remember your child’s actual birth date. That day most doctors hate for you to even reach, let alone cross. Today is mine. The BIG 4-0. Forty weeks pregnant.

This is longer than I have ever been pregnant before. Both my boys were a couple of weeks early. No big deal, they were also both just over eight pounds, and plenty ready to come out. This baby has shown no signs of being ready to visit Earth-side any time soon.

Oh, I know, babies come when babies want to come and when babies are ready to come and babies evicted early tend to have some sort of complications, usually caused by said eviction. I am not all about eviction. But like I mentioned, both my boys came two weeks “early.” I know, this is not indicative of anything. I also think this one is a girl, so maybe I need to cook girls longer. Maybe she is just stubborn like her mama. Maybe she wants to be fashionably late, who knows. I was kind of hoping today would be the day though. It’s my grams birthday. It’s Imbolc. It would have been a great day to have a baby. I am a little put out that it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t expect to go into active labour and have a baby before midnight, it’s already 9 pm.

forty weeks

I am so tired of people asking if I’ve had the baby yet. Don’t they think if I had I would have posted about it/let them know in some other way? It’s not like I won’t notice I had a baby. It’s not like I don’t notice I am still pregnant.

I am worried it won’t happen for a while now.

Lots of stress in the house. My mom started chemo again on Monday, and something happened with her IV medication dispenser thingie, and had to go to the ER Mon night. Today she is feeling quite sick, we had to go pick her up from work, and she’s spent the whole day almost lying down/sleeping (we live with my parents, so this does directly effect me more so than if we didn’t). My 4 y/o broke his collarbone on Tuesday at school. Not a major break, but a break that is causing him pain none the less. My 2 y/o keeps telling us the baby shouldn’t come out. Not only telling us, but outright screeching if we ask if the baby should come out. My husband is suddenly very worried about how we will do it, money, time, stress, you know, all the things he worried about before our first was born and didn’t bat an eye at with the second.

I just feel like she is going to decide to stay in till the middle of April if all this “excitement” doesn’t die down. I know, I am not an elephant, I won’t be pregnant for much longer. And once I am not, I’ll probably miss it. This pregnancy has been awesome. I didn’t hate it like I hated the first. I didn’t just want to get through it like with the second. I truly enjoyed almost all of it. Yah, I started bitching a few weeks ago. I got huge. I got uncomfortable. I stopped sleeping. But up until then, things were smooth sailing. No morning sickness, no nausea, no general achiness to speak of. I was even up and after the boys as needed. I put on a grand total of 15 pounds so far. I’m coming out ahead this time baby! None of this 50 pounds like with Dor, and 30 pounds like with Chai. I had the textbook perfect pregnancy this time. I’ll brag. I deserve it.

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I just feel like I have had very little pre-labour getting ready activity going on in my body. I am not losing any of my plug, and with both boys it was gone long before labour really got underway. I am not really contracting at all. The other night I was, to the point they were you could time them and my back was a mess, but they stopped come morning.

I never expected to be a Forty weeks + mama. Does anyone? I am not feeling overcooked, or overdone. I’m not feeling tired of being pregnant, in and of itself. I just really want it over and done with already, and to be holding a fresh smelling baby and for everyone to stop asking and wondering and worrying.

I wonder if this is where the stigma about hitting age forty comes from. The BIG 4-0. I’ll hold at 3.9 too, thank you very much.

forty weeks pregnant


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