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Accounts of Autism - Modified Motherhood
I watch as he laughs deep belly laughs. The kinds of laughs that most people grow out of by the time they’re five or six. The laughs of pure joy. Something has tickled him in just the right way. 
He’s watching My Little Pony, or watching someone else watch My Little Pony and commenting on it, or some mash-up of My Little Pony and some other show (probably Gravity Falls) for the umpteenth time. Or that screaming Irishman who talks about games. I think. Or Game Grumps (which even I find amusing occasionally). Or whatever. 
It’s apparently hilarious. 
YouTube is the bane of my existence. It is never not playing one video or another.
My son, who still spends so much time in his own world even though his teachers report that he is uber-social at school and talks to everyone, will tune out the world in exchange for watching YouTubers react to things, yell about games, gaming walk-throughs, MLP talk-overs, Gravity Falls theories, Game Theories; You name it, he’ll find it and watch it. And run in and tell me all about it every five seconds. He may as well just stay glued to my side while watching.
This morning we listened to MLP meets The Big Lebowski. The Big Lebowski was my first date night with the man who would be my husband. The Dude is now a Pony. 
I spend so much time worrying about how to get through the week, let alone when he will go off to college, or find himself in the world, that I relish the moments when we can live in the moment and he can laugh and I can smile and we can both not worry about anything. Even if it means we have to watch Adam Ruins Everything (which is now on TV, thanks TV) or the same episode of Gravity Falls fifty times in a row to make sure we’ve eked out every last detail and deciphered every last clue. 
The belly laughs are more than worth it. 
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Source: Belly Laughs – Modified Motherhood

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