How To Make Sure Your Nursing Baby Doesn’t Rip Off Your Nipple

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Breastfeeding Issues

How do I get my baby to stop biting my nipple?

You know the feeling, baby will be nursing and all is wonderful and you feel a bond and then they get tired and will start to drift off to sleepy land when all of a sudden, they jerk, the jerks! Stop biting my nipple!

They catch themselves right before they drift off while nursing and jolt themselves awake and take your nipple that’s in their mouth with them.

There is no warning and it freaking hurts! Help me Punky Moms!

Here are some breastfeeding tips straight from the mouths of our wise Punky Mom babes that hopefully will help soothe those nips and keep the little one present while feeding. Who ever said breastfeeding was easy?

nursing baby biting my nipple - help!

  • Unfortunately, they will get chapped, they may bleed, it’s gonna hurt but eventually those nips will get broken it. Kind of like a beautiful pair of boots.
  • Keep putting that cream on there, and maybe a little Oragel.
  • Cold compress if you havent already. I know it hurts, but it will get better.
  • Allow breast milk to dry on there, massage coconut oil/lanolin/nipple cream on there. 
  • Soothing gel pads
  • Black tea bags work well for soreness
  • You could try slipping your finger in the corner of his mouth gently to release the latch, when you notice he’s falling asleep. He’ll either stay asleep, or he’ll wake up and nurse a bit more.
  • When he gets to the ‘stop and go’ nursing, start to tickle his feet and rouse him a bit. 
  • Coconut oil can also be helpful too. Which is a natural anti-fungal which can fight off thrush/yeast and give some added soothing qualities to the sore ninnies. 

What tips can you share? Any breastfeeding tips that helped you?

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  1. Great tips!I know the feeling well :) Luckily (or unluckily?) I’m so used to this that I don’t really experience soreness anymore, but certainly the first few weeks of nursing I did. I definitely agree with sticking the finger in the mouth to break the latch- that’s what was always best for me!

  2. Loved the read! we are hoping to try for a baby next year. Will be our first and I do plan to BF. Thanks for sharing

    I am @

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