Friday aka Fuck It All

friday fuck it all

Friday aka Fuck It All

Wake up

make tea

get kids ready for school

send them out the door on time

Oops, someone forgot a book

Make dr appts

Oooh! You can get her in today? YES!

Fuck Friday… its 9am. appt is @11… office is 45 minutes away. And there is construction… UGH

Get kids frantically dressed.

try to find your own matching pairs of shoes…. 

15 minutes later, find 2 shoes that match. 
Oh god… I’m out of diapers… SHIT! AND WIPES! FUCK!!!!

Get kids in car.


Get in car. No gas

Spend last 14 bucks on gas to get to dr.

Dr appts

Don’t forget to make a withdrawl from the drained bank account

go to sams club for groceries and diapers

Realize we wont make it home in time for lunch so get hotdogs for less than a dollar at Sams club.

Get home

Unload car

put them all down for naps

start packing for grandmas

kids too excited to sleep. put them back to bed.


put them back to bed…


put them back…. yeah. it keeps going for like an hour or more if you let it. 

mopping (MAYBE…. ) 

Watch kids get off bus

Check backpacks

Make snacks that they all asked for yet nobody likes once they get it.

monitor snack time to make sure messes don’t happen

Grandma is here!

Go through grandmas list of “you are so inept so I wrote everything down in black and white for you dumbass” 

Watch Papa roll his eyes at grandma and share a chuckle with you when back is turned.

Put kids in car.

Walk back into house

Scream for joy on the inside that you are now down to 2.

Cry because you are down to only 2…. 
Send to park for an hour while cooking dinner


yell for kids when dinner is done

eat. if the cramps arent too bad. 




send kids back to bed

send kids back to bed.

send kids… you get the idea.

Holy shit they are sleeping!

Watch netflix/hulu/amazon forgetting about all the chores you need to finish because you are tired and can’t figure out why.

Realize at 3am you haven’t done a damned thing and forgot to switch the laundry

say fuck the laundry and rewash for the 4th time in the morning. 

Lay down and play mah jong til alarm goes off to get up in morning… 
FML Friday I’m exhausted … UGH. 

Start all over again. minus 3 kids and school. 

friday fuck it all


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  1. Confession: I love the blog posts, but sometimes my favorite parts of the post is the author’s bio. Thank you all, ladies.

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