How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

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It took me years to perfect the hard boiled egg.  You would never think that something so simple could be so difficult.  But once perfected, you are open to a world of possibilities.  Hard boiled eggs are used in deviled eggs, egg salads, sliced on top of a green salad, served on toast, or just as they are with a sprinkle of salt.  Here are my easy directions on how to make the perfect hard boiled egg.  Feel free to share your tips in the comments! 


  1. Start with a single layer of eggs on the bottom of your pan.  

  2. Cover the eggs with water, at least an inch or two above the eggs.  I use my finger as a guide and make sure there is enough water to reach my first knuckle. Tips: You can add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water to prevent any egg whites from escaping if an egg cracks.  I like to add some salt to the water to prevent cracking. 

  3. Place the pot on a cold burner and heat on high until the water comes to a full boil.

  4. Once boiling, turn off the heat, cover, remove from the burner and let sit for 10-12 minutes.

  5. While you are waiting on the eggs, prepare a bowl of ice water.  Once the 10-12 minutes have passed, spoon out the eggs with a slotted spoon into the bowl to cool. 

Eggs should keep up to 5 days in the refrigerator. 

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