The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

I was the awkward thirteenth wheel on my friends’ prom dinner. They insisted I come with even though I was not going to prom. I ended up stealing borrowing a friend’s date for the dinner. By the time we left the restaurant, I had a new best friend. What? You thought I’d say boyfriend? Ha! We have a lot of getting to know one another, you and I.
I was the awkward third wheel to my physics lab partners’ game designing, Nerf zombie slaying bromance. It was slightly Sherlock Holmes-esque, except the catchphrase was “Damn it, Drew!” instead of “Elementary, my dear Watson.” It’s cool though, we all got through it with minimal interaction and became Facebook friends. Even if only to send each other parts of the lab reports.
For years I was the awkward person who couldn’t bake a cookie to save her life. Double chocolate chunk cookies? Remained in balls, i.e. did not spread into cookie shape. Chocolate chip cookies? Hockey pucks. Ginger molasses? Slightly softer hockey pucks. Chocolate chip cookies 2.0? Frisbees. Made of glass. I dropped one and it shattered on the floor.
Then along came these cookies. These cookies salvaged what little cookie making dignity I had left. Because they were the best cookies I had made, and the best chocolate chip cookies I’d eaten.

This recipe has been years in the making. I printed off recipes from The New York Times website, dog-eared an ancient recipe from an old recipe book, and re-read every chocolate chip cookie recipe by Joy the Baker. Honestly, more effort went into this recipe than several of my papers for classes combined. There was also plenty of heart and soul. What can I say? My priorities lie with butter and chocolatey goodness.

If there is one thing I learned over the years, it’s that chilling the dough will work wonders. And despite my minuscule level of patience- for a reference point, I’m like Augustus Gloop in Wonka’s chocolate factory when it comes to cookie dough- I will always chill my cookie dough. Also, weighing my flour for this recipe makes life so much easier. I hardly every weight flour for anything, but the lure of perfect cookies every single time is strong.


Please go visit our friend Mona over at Chin Up, Buttercup! to get the full recipe. 

Source: Chin Up, Buttercup!: The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

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