Spring Crafts For Kids To Make

Springtime Art Projects To Do Alone Too

spring crafts for kids

Spring is in the air! 

The sun is shining a little bit more and this is usually the time of year that I want to start getting my hands dirty. Maybe it is in the garden, sprucing up my house with some spring cleaning, or some good ol’ arts and crafts. Here are some great ideas for you to do on your own or spring crafts for kids to be involved too!

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Spring arts and craft projects for you to make with the kids (or without!)

I can’t stop looking up some cool spring craft ideas to make. Maybe these will leaf you inspired too? Bad joke. Sorry. It’s early.

Some of these are kid-friendly so I suppose you could have the little rugrats help you too. Only if you want.

Click the links below to find the full tutorials.

1. Paper Plate Calla Lily Flower Craft – The Resourceful Mama

2. Embroidery Hoop Art – Breeze Bot Punch

spring crafts for kids embroidered hoop

This embroidery kit will get you started.

3. Cardboard Cactus – Honey and Fizz (This one is top of my list)

spring crafts for kids paper cactus

4. Milk Carton Planters – Pysselbolaget

spring crafts for kids milk carton planters

5. Paper Dahlia Flowers – Craftaholics Anonymous 

spring crafts for kids paper flowers

6. Fingerprinted Snapdragon – Busy Mommy Media

7. Painted Rock Garden Markers – Crafts By Amanda

spring crafts for kids garden markers

Just grab paints and paint markers and you’re good to go!

8. Egg Carton Flower Wreath

spring crafts for kids

9. Make Your Own Bird Feeder – Hello Bee

spring crafts for kids

Don’t forget a big bag of bird seed!

10. Poured Paint Planting Pots – Moon Frye

spring crafts for kids

You have any projects you want to work on? Would love to hear about it!

Also, don’t forget to pin these spring crafts for kids ideas for later. You also might need a bag to put all your craft stuff in.

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