DIY: Origami Sailboat – Kid Craft

An easy craft to do

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding. No glue, no tape, tons of shapes. Today we’re going to make an origami sailboat! Check out some other tutorials here. For this particular one you will need…


  1. white construction paper, or any unlined paper
  2. crayons or markers or coloured pencils
  3. scissors


Cut the construction paper into a square (or squares! Don’t waste paper!) with four inch (4″) sides.  
Fold your square in half diagonally, then fold it in half diagonally again (if you were to open your square, you would have an X made of creases from corner to corner) 1
2 Unfold the paper once to make a triangle
Fold up one edge to meet the halfway line (grab the bottom corner of your triangle and bring it up halfway and crease it). 3
4 Fold the bottom corners on the boat back behind, as shown. Tuck them in together to keep them in place.
Decorate your sail with crayons, markers or pencils. Don’t forget to name your boat!  

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