How To Make Your Own Halloween Wreath For Your Front Door

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How to make a Ribbon Wrapped Halloween Wreath for your front door. An easy step by step tutorial by the craft queen Diana.

You might be thinking, who the hell has time to make their own Halloween decorations?

Well it’s not as time consuming as you might think, and surprisingly very easy.  With just a few fun materials you can make your very own ribbon wrapped Halloween wreath in a matter of minutes!  You can even let the kids help (with parental supervision, there is a hot glue gun involved).  You can use the same technique for just about any holiday, but Halloween is our favorite holiday here at Punky Moms HQ. 

How to make a Ribbon Wrapped Halloween Wreath for your front door. An easy step by step tutorial by the craft queen Diana.


Ribbon Wrapped Halloween Wreath Tutorial


Wreath form (mine is 14″, but you can find a variety of sizes at your local craft store)

Black spray paint (optional)

Wide edged ribbons (I used a roll of 2 1/2″ x 10 ‘)

Halloween themed accessories (black roses, foliage, raven, etc)

Wreath hanger

Hot glue gun

Pins (optional)



(Optional) Because my form was green and my ribbons slightly sheer, I started by painting my wreath form black.  *BE CAREFUL with this step. Allot of spray paint can disintegrate the styrofoam.  Test first.  I kept it light and only one coat.  Let paint dry.Halloween Wreath DIY

To begin wrapping the ribbon, hot glue the end to the form on the backside.  Slightly overlap the ribbons and pull tight as you go.  I continued to hot glue the ribbon on the backside as I went to keep it in place; you could also use pins for that.

How to make a Halloween Wreath

Once you get to the end, hot glue it securely in place. For my 14″ form it took all 10 feet of ribbon to make it around.

Wreath Tutorial

When the wrapping is done, it’s time to have some fun with the layout of your accessories.  Use pins to hold in place and make sure you like where they are before hot glueing your items permanently. Wreath DIY

Finally, I decorated the wreath hanger as well, hot glueing a spooky decoration to the front of the hook. 

Wreath Halloween

Voila!  Easy peasy ribbon wrapped Halloween wreath! Boom, put it on your door NOW!

Wreath Tutorial for Halloween

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