DIY Halloween Soap – Make Your Own Melt And Pour Soap

Easy Tutorial!

Celebrating Halloween happens all year long in my home, but during October we really get into the festivities. My son and I love everything about it. From the obnoxious Pumpkin Spice fragrance (though not on my salmon or tampons eww eww eww) to the spooky decorations and fun music. Making things myself is just who I am. I don’t like all the extras and weird ingredients I can’t even pronounce and I definitely don’t want any of that going on my family’s or my body.

This year I made some fun Halloween Melt and Pour soaps. This is easy enough for my 7 year old son to do. We made Magic Apple and Pumpkin Spice soaps to share with our family and friends.

How to make soap - Diy Halloween Soap
What you will need:

Silicone Molds
Clear Melt and Pour Base (I like to buy 10 lbs at a time.)
At least 3 microwave/heat safe bowls or large measuring cups depending on how many colors you will use.
Mica Colors or Food Coloring of your choice (I used orange, green, and purple mica color blocks from
Spatula (I keep 5 handy so I don’t have to stop and clean)
Wood Spoons
Fragrance Oil and/or Essential Oil (Pumpkin Spice, Apple, and Lavender work well for Halloween)
Brambleberry ColorBlocks for Halloween

How to make soap - Halloween edition


  1. Cut up the soap base into little squares and divide them up evenly in your bowls or large measuring cups. I guesstimate how much will melt down to make the bottom layer in each mold.
  2. Add a few pinches of Mica colors or a few drops of food coloring. If you are using food coloring, be careful not to add too much – no more than 8 drops. Your soap lather will be quite colorful if you use too much!
  3. Melt the soap base, using 30 second bursts on medium setting in the microwave. Do this until the soap is a liquid consistency. Stir after each microwave burst.
  4. Once the soap is melted, make sure it is well stirred and the color is spread around evenly. Add one ounce of fragrance per pound. I usually put in a capful from the bottle, but if you want to be anal retentive, feel free to measure that shit out.
  5. Pour the first layer into the bottom of the molds, making sure you leave enough room for your other layers. Use your spatula to get all the soap into the molds. If some spills,don’t wipe it up. Let it harden and keep it for another project. You can save it in a ziplock bag.
  6. Let the first layer harden, either in the fridge or freezer. I hate waiting, so I put mine in the freezer. If you let them harden on the counter, this can take up to 8 hours depending on the size of the soap piece you are making. When it has hardened, bring it back out and start your next layer, following the first 5 steps.
  7. After all the layers are hardened you can pop those babies out and there’s your bad ass Halloween Soaps! I wrap mine up immediately, so it doesn’t sweat. If you get sweat on your soap it is no biggie,it washes off and is harmless. Melt and Pour Soap does not need to cure, you can use these soaps right away.

Hope you have a spook-tacular Halloween Punkies!

Making Halloween soap

Where to buy this stuff

Silicone Molds:
For the pumpkin shapes I went on Etsy but the .99 cent and Dollar Stores carry silicone molds as well. I bought skulls, spider webs, and pumpkins at my local .99 Cent Store.
Soap Bases, Soap Molds and Fragrances:
Clear Melt and Pour Soap: Amazon has a hemp oil one that is pretty rad 
Amazon Stephenson Clear M&P Base
Brambleberry Halloween ColorBlocks
Brambleberry has awesome fragrances and soap bases
Etsy is where I’ve purchased my soap base from. I buy the 10 lb but there are smaller sizes.

Get crafty this autumn and make yourself some cool Halloween soap. Easy step by step instructions.

Check on all these sites for the fun shaped soap molds. I hope this doesn’t become an addiction like it has for me. Happy Soaping!

Jacqui is a single mom of 2 in Los Angeles. She makes artisan cosmetics for her small biz, White Witch Beauty and works at a K-8 school. She believes in magic and glitter and is a devout cat worshipper.

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Jacqui is a single mom of 2 in Los Angeles. She makes artisan cosmetics for her small biz, White Witch Beauty and works at a K-8 school. She believes in magic and glitter and is a devout cat worshipper.

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