Halloween Lantern Project DIY

Easy Halloween Project To Do!

I did this project for Halloween a few years ago but only made one. I decided to revamp it and do it again as the sole lantern I had was starting to show a lot of wear and tear. It has spent many years outside greeting our guests when they arrived during the Halloween season. I was able to find some orange and green lanterns on clearance at Pier 1 this year, but you can find them practically anywhere.  This craft is super easy and fun to do. The possibilities for designs are endless! I’m thinking a Day of the Dead one for next year. My kids enjoyed it and had fun using the bat template.

You can do any design that you desire. I had an old bat template from Martha Stewart that I used. Here is the new one put out by her camp. Pumpkin templates which would work as well. I have mine hanging outside but this could definitely be used inside or as party decorations.

I also had a Fleur-de-lis stamp that I used for the white lantern. The shape of the lantern makes it impossible to do it everywhere. Even though it originally was what I wanted to do, I stuck with just putting it on the top and bottom. You could be bold and paint them all yourself, but I didn’t want to waste an hour on just one. That is the great thing about this craft, it can be done quickly.

I used craft acrylic paint on them. I experimented with permanent markers, which the smell alone was enough for me to decide not to use them. If anyone decides to do this, I would love to see the design you came up with


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