DIY Halloween Bunting

Great Tutorial by Diana Jeanne

This Halloween craft tutorial is on how to make a 15, double sided flag Halloween bunting to spruce up your home this fall!  I chose to use 1 solid and 2 patterned cotton fabrics, but you can choose as many different prints or colors that you want.  This is easy to do and a lot of fun too.  Adapt these directions to make bunting for any holiday or event. The possibilities are endless!



Halloween patterned or colored fabric

Fabric Scissors


A piece of paper

Paper Scissors



Sewing Machine with coordinating thread

3 yards of coordinating extra wide double fold Bias Tape



  1. Start by making a triangle template – Measure and cut out an eight inch square.  Fold the square in half and draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner going the long way.  Cut on line and open up the triangle.  This is your pattern to cut the fabric.

Halloween bunting 1

2. You will need 15 completed triangles (30 sides total), decide how you want your pattern to lay out.  I decided that there would be a solid black triangle for every other triangle with an alternating pattern in between.  This meant that I would need 14 black triangles and 8 of each patterned triangles.

3. Lay your fabric out and fold over so to cut two triangles at a time because they are double sided.  Pin the triangle pattern on the fabric and cut.  Turn over pattern, line one edge up to the previously cut edge, pin and cut again.

  1. Once you have all your triangles cut out, flip the two sides to have the outsides facing each other. Pin together and start stitching the long sides of the triangles together, leave about a 1/4th inch seam allowance.  Leave the top of the triangle open.  When you get to the end of one triangle you can add another without cutting the thread to make it faster.

5. When you’re done sewing the two sides of each triangle, cut the threads attaching them, trim the points, and turn right side out. 

Halloween bunting 2

6. Iron the triangles flat.

7. Find the center of the bias tape.  Take the center triangle in your pattern, mine being a black one, open the fold and insert the open side of the triangle.  Fold over and pin. Continue this with the other triangles, working your pattern out from the center until they are all pinned to the bias tape.

8. Sew down the edge of the bias tape, closing the tape with the open triangle edges inside.

halloweenbunting 3

  1. Trim any threads and you are finish – Ready to hang in your spookie abode!

Halloween Bunting Tutorial






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