The Ultimate Goth Dollhouse Is Here To Make Your Black Heart Happy

Carolyn has given her childhood dollhouse a makeover with this beautiful revamp into a goth dollhouse. Perfect to be put on display this Halloween season.

When I was younger my dad surprised me one Christmas with a dolls house. While I have fond memories of that day and all the fun I had with it after for a long time now it has been sat in the loft collecting dust. I always had the idea that when I became a mother we would do it up in many different styles. This year I decided to bring it down and feeling inspired by Halloween I thought a goth dollhouse spooky house revamp sounded fun! The thought of bringing it out every year at Halloween and our son playing with it and getting more use out of it makes me smile and that was good enough to get cracking.

Pinterest was a great source of inspiration. I decided that while keeping spends down was important I would use what I already had and adapt. Paint that we had lying around from house renovations was very useful. Tester pots mainly due to the obvious small surface areas and want for variety. The overall base colour is spare black chalkboard paint that I had lying around which I wouldn’t recommend to be honest. The finish is good but it’s hard work and destroys any brushes you use.

Carolyn has given her childhood dollhouse a makeover with this beautiful revamp into a goth dollhouse. Perfect to be put on display this Halloween season.

While searching for ideas in Hobbycraft I discovered a range by Tim Holtz that I fell in love with. I used a worn brick look stencil over the black paint to give it some texture as I felt it was too flat. While a bit fiddly I love the finished look of the stencil. I used a ‘milk paint, in a pastel light blue/grey colour and followed this with purple window shutters and matching door. Mod Podge  is awesome to use as a sealant and I’ve used this all over the outside of the house as some of the chalk board paint was coming off on my finger tips. It now has a nice finish and shine.

I also opted for Tim Holt’s Book of Creative Papers. I love the quirky nature of them and they make perfect wallpaper. They range from black and white stripes and sepia photos. They even offer prints of worn away clocks which look great. Most papers have a grubby aged look which again really suited the project. I wallpapered with these throughout. I like the fact it’s random and creates a weird, disturbed feel. No lust for perfection as a few rough edges adds to the effect.

Carolyn has given her childhood dollhouse a makeover with this beautiful revamp into a goth dollhouse. Perfect to be put on display this Halloween season.

Some of the furniture that I own already I may do up but lots of it I’m also just keeping as it is. My step mum found me some gold wire furnitures for the house a few years ago and honestly I thought it was hideous at the time although wouldn’t have the heart to tell her. However with this project I thought it would be perfect if it was black. I have re painted it all with black enamel. I love the final look. The swirls and design are just perfect. I’ve made some black felt cushions for the chaise lounge and sofa. The swing set was slightly broken but I’m leaving that as I think it works! I’ve picked up a few miniature cigarette cards from Heather Bowser’s shop which are perfect to pose as paintings.

The standard stretchy cob web will be used throughout inside and out with plenty of cheeky spiders peaking out. Moss will adorn the outside with graves stones and a coffin. The token “keep out” signs are currently under construction. My spooky swap partner sent me an awesome surprise of the special dolls house collection Gargoyle which is going above the porch. I haven’t named him yet, but I will.

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Finding the time with an 11 month is is a challenge but I intend to use wire coat hangers attached to the roof which will bend and secure some spooky bats to. I also want to make some pumpkins out of project clay to go along with some brooms for the porch area. I also want to use some chunky lollipop sticks to board up some windows. Skeletons, zombies etc will all make their way into rooms once I find some I like. It’s such a fun project and I’m sure our son will love playing with it. One day it will probably be revamped again but for now it’s sitting pride of place on our living room window waiting for Halloween!

Carolyn is a SAHM who loves to craft. Here she refurbishments a childhood memory with a Punky twist to create a special Spooky goth dollhouse for her children to enjoy and bring out every Halloween.

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