Why Skateboarding Is The Number One Sport For Women In Afghanistan

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Skate Girls of Kabul

In Afghanistan, women have been forbidden to ride bicycles. It is only recently that it is being allowed, but in very limited cases. It has been a source of transportation for men and boys for ages, but prohibited for girls. 

Let that sink in. It’s a sobering reminder of the things we take for granted sometimes. 

Skateboarding has been able to hold the number one spot as the most popular sport for woman because of this. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the brilliant work that Skateistan, an Australian nonprofit group created by skater Oliver Percovich, has achieved. 

Skate Girls of Kabul by Jessica-Fulford Dobson

I’m sad to have missed a recent exhibition by London-based photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson whose stunning portrayal  of the ‘Skate Girls of Kabul’ has been grabbing a lot of attention. It technically ends tomorrow at the Saatchi gallery in London if you happen to be in the area. 

Forty-five percent of Skateistan’s students are girls and many have found themselves being able to even attend school in the first place because of the skate school. Did you know that Afghanistan has one of the lowest female literacy rates in the world? Hopefully this growing education can give way to proper health care, nutrition, and just a better quality of life. 

…but seriously though, look at these girls!!!





Want to help? Visit Skateistan’s Get Involved page to find out how. I am personally brain storming a Fundraising event right now.

Keep you posted!


Original story via Quartz

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