Dear Florida,

Body image issues in tweens and teenagers is a constant problem. It is important for us to show them that it is important to rock it no matter what.

I won’t apologize for my small, gravity-loving breasts. I have happily given up looking for the right swimsuit to accentuate my best feature (my elbows). But my body image is not dependent on your arbitrary standards.

Forgive me (or don’t) if you think I’m too old for my bikini. I got it on sale at Target and I don’t care what you think. My legs may dimple, but they cannonball into the pool and run in the sand. My ankles have varicose veins, but the blood coursing through them is healthy. Sure, I’ve frowned while “scooping” my breasts into a bathing suit top. But those two little things nourished all three of my babies – a privilege I don’t take for granted.

Dear Florida. I won’t apologize for my small, gravity-loving breasts. I have happily given up looking for the right swimsuit to accentuate my best feature (my elbows). This post is one of our favs on the site. Body image issues in tweens and teens is a problem. If you want your kid to feel good about their body, we've got to lead by example.

Summer is coming.

I’m not beach ready by the standards of die-hard fitness fans or tight-bodied teens laying around my community pool, but please don’t be confused or mistaken. I will be at the beach AND at the pool. I’ll be IN the ocean, if maybe only up to my knees.

All three of my kids are sand and sun-lovers. One of them likes to squeeze my belly like play-doh and one of them points out all of the hairs I missed while shaving.

But one of them is an eleven-year old girl

who is depending on me to show her what a woman is. And to teach her that people are more than the bodies that carry them through the day. That she can have a positive body image no matter her shape or size. That’s just what I’ll be doing. Shamelessly. In a fourteen-dollar bikini.

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  1. Love this! We were just in Florida a few weeks ago, and I was by no means bikini ready (and I’m still not). I didn’t care though. Getting to get in the ocean…only up to my knees was enough to make me forget what I looked like.

  2. I love love love this post!! Almost all of my suits are from Target, and I too have given up on trying worry about my body. It is the way out is because I had two beautiful boys and wouldn’t change it for the world!

  3. So jealous you are just going into summer! I’m on the other side of the world, but winter has it’s own benefits I suppose. I love this post, especially the part about your 11 year old.

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