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We are looking for articles that speak to our audience.

Please make sure you have reviewed our topics/headers on the site and browsed our forums to get a feel for our members and to get an idea of topics to write about. We want engaging and smart writing, and while we are catering to the idea of parenting, we understand that the parenting experience reaches far beyond whether to breastfeed or formula feed and the best ideas for teething babies.

got something to say

We want to hear about your lives as a new parent or navigating the teenage years for the first time and we also want to hear about that band whose show you went to the other night (ya know, the first time you’ve been out in MONTHS) and their new album.

We want to hear about that first family vacation you just took and we also want to hear how you carve out time just for yourself in your days or weeks.

Were you a really young/teen mom? We want to hear about it. Have you been TTC for 3 years? We want to hear about it. 

Become A Writer For Punky Moms

If you’d like, you can send an article idea to us before writing anything and we can work through the story idea with you. If you choose to skip straight to sending us an article, we will get back to you on whether or not we can use it for our site. If we use it, your article may be edited by us, although we will not make any permanent changes to the article until properly communicating it with you. We’d like this to be a collaborative effort. Check out our writing guidelines whether you want to jump right in edit later or if you need a little more direction than “send us something badass”. 
Once your article is published on our website, we will promote it on our Facebook and Instagram accounts but we would expect you to do some self-promotion as well – sharing your published posts within your friends and social networks. At this time, we cannot offer any monetary payments for articles (we are trying to build the empire), however, we will send you a little Punky Mom gift in the mail for every 3 articles published. If you start to become a more seasoned writer with us, we will offer you free ad space for the year within our site’s pages. 
Use our contact form at the top of our front page or send us an email at 
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