Punk Rock Love! The Ultimate Punky Love Mixtape

Punk Rock Love Music Playlist Now On Spotify
Punks in Love via Patrick via Flickr

Do you remember when  you were younger and the only way to express your undying love was to make a mixtape full of sappy, heart wrenching songs? I do. (Or maybe it was the only thing we could afford back then). Actually the last one I made was for my now hubby (yes we are that old). Well mix tapes turned to burning CDs and CDs turned to playlists, but the time and effort it takes to create one is still the same.  We’re going to save you all those agonizing hours of trying to find the perfect song and give you this punk rock love playlist to get your black heart pumping red again.

Come listen to our Punk Rock Love Mixtape on our very own Spotify station. You can stream it for free.

Come listen to more free streaming music on our Spotify station or you can use the embedded player here on our site. Click the link to check out the rest of our Punky Moms Mixtapes . Have an idea for one? Get in touch!


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