Punky Moms Chapters are community run groups/pages that support local parents to get out and get involved with the Punky community. The intention is to use the groups/pages to share info about local meetups, events, share tips, photos, info about PMs, videos of the group and more. Lots of the Chapters find great success organizing a regular meet up at local parks or cafes. The Chapters are loads of fun and you can add all sorts of parents from around your area in. This helps ease the work load and makes for fun meets ups, it can also help cover a wider region.

Our aspirations are to create communities of alterative parents all over the world. To date, we have over 50 Chapters located across the globe. Punky Moms Chapters are for everyone, we want young and old, men and women. Our entire goal is to encourage and inspire parents to build a local community of friends for themselves and their families.  

You don’t have to have a hundred members, the Chapters are all set up to allow Punkies to get together and share the parent experience. Even if your area is small, having a Chapter can introduce you to a worldwide family of Chapter admins who can give you tips and tricks to grow your group.

We’re hoping for a Punky Moms Chapter in every region, state and city in the world and for a family of Punkies to be able to meetup at every park and coffee house! World domination here we come!

  • This goes without saying, however, exclusion of any kind is not tolerated from Punky Chapters. This includes gender, race, age, sexuality, religion or any other kind of discrimination. These are open communities for everyone!
  • Chapter pages are not for self-promotion or advertising for personal businesses, other brands and products, with the exception of crediting photographers.
  • The pages are not for promoting other parenting groups or businesses, however, member’s can share in your weekly promo thread if you choose to create one. 
  • Do not take the Punky Moms name and/or logo and create your own merchandise and/or products. However, we encourage you to modify any PM designs you purchase e.g. you can print your chapter name under the PM logo.
  • You must include links to the main Punky Moms sites (including website, main Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc) when possible. 
  • With the exception of Instagram (which you need to apply for) do not set up any other Punky Moms social media accounts, emails, websites, or other related items, without the permission of Punky Moms. 
  • Forward all enquiries about Punky Moms (for example, merchandise enquiries, media requests, sponsorship offers, etc)  to [email protected] or directed to the Punky Moms website.
  • Chapter sponsorship is allowed, but we have first rights to refusal.  If a local shop or another company is interested in sponsoring a Chapter event please contact us at [email protected]
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to spread the love and share the savings using your Chapter Discount code: Punkychapter to save 10% on all orders from our website!  This is separate from your own Chapter President code which you can find in the private FB group.