How does a heavy metal dad craft? With lots of fire! Watch it burn! Heavy metal kids rejoice! Alternative parenting done right!

The Heavy Metal Dad Way To Craft

Here at Punky Moms we are huge fans of heavy metal. Whether you are a heavy metal mom or a heavy metal dad, Punky Moms always gives great advice on how to parent. Our punky kids are […]

Halloween music
Punky Mom Spotify Mixtapes

The Ultimate 7 Hours Halloween Music Playlist

Oh we are getting closer to Halloween my pretties. The sights and frights are so important but don’t forget the music. There is such great Halloween tunes out there. I created this Halloween music playlist a […]

Books, Poetry & Spoken Word

Gwar Reading Goodnight Moon

Come gather round children, pull up a chair. This will help break up your 54th time of having to read it mama. It is also the best damn version of this book ever. Gwar is […]