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October 2013 Updates

There is so much that goes on inside our forum that we sometimes forget to give love to our homepage. Sarah, Jenn, and myself have succumbed to the madness and have let some time slip […]

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I ran a new program today around 6PM that moved inactive users, and then almost immediately deleted “inactive in over 180” days users. The new system is set up to inform inactive users at 30 […]

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PSA 666

Ladies (and gentlemen), Please bear in mind that if you have your passwords saved on your computer, or the option to always stay logged in checked, ANYONE WHO USES THAT COMPUTER CAN LOG IN AS […]

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The Only Mom Group You Need

Hey there you fine ass, stroller pushin’, finger snappin’ Punky Mom! Are you feeling bitchy and hormonal? Well we are too, so either go run somebody over with the car or simply bitch about it […]