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Try This Melting Crayons Kid Craft

The sun shone brightly into our newly painted living room over the weekend. We woke a little too early for my liking on Saturday morning, but we all spent the day together playing and relaxing. […]

Laugh a little with this pinterest fail compilation. We love looking at Pinterest fails. This is real life people. Life is pain and the road is filled with good intentions.
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The 12 Funniest Pinterest Fails

Oh Pinterest, you are ridiculous. I won’t lie, you suck me in with your ways and give me hope. I will never quit you. One day I’m going to have that camper van conversion set […]

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Hungry Caterpillar | Bumbles and Light

We finally finished the rearranging of the apartment last weekend, which meant that Mikey’s toys and play area now have a new home. The new, reorganized space gives him a lot more room to play […]

Marie Kondo's revolutionary technique, (the KonMari Method) is basically that we should get rid of 50-75% of what we own, and only keep the things that "spark joy." The KonMari Method is, apparently, super popular in Japan
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Let’s talk about the KonMari Method

So, I got this KonMari method book for my mom for Christmas, only it turns out that she bought it for herself, so I kept it.     Marie Kondo’s revolutionary technique, (the KonMari Method) […]