Rachel shares with us the reflection of her baby daughter turning one years old. You can read this and other real life Voices of Parenting on Punkymoms.com, the best alternative parenting community out there!
Baby & The Toddler Years

On Turning One

My baby is turning one. It’s a big deal. I’ve been asked a few times if I’m sad or want her to stay my baby forever. If I miss the tiny newborn days already. In […]

I need 10 minutes. I'm touched out, talked out, everything out. What do you do to fight that feeling of being touched out?
Baby & The Toddler Years

Touched Out, Talked Out, Everything Out

“Ten minutes.” “What’s that?” “I need ten minutes. By myself, quiet, just ten minutes. I’m over my limit right now.” “Sure thing, get the pack n play and I’ll watch her there while I cook […]