christmas cocktail that isn't eggnog
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Bourbon Milk Punch – Creamy, Dreamy, Boozy

It’s creamy, it’s frothy, it’s sweet, and boozy, and delicious.  It’s Bourbon Milk Punch, and it’s how your Christmas morning should look.  It’s also your new favorite drink for Sunday brunch.  Never heard of it? […]

Marie Kondo's revolutionary technique, (the KonMari Method) is basically that we should get rid of 50-75% of what we own, and only keep the things that "spark joy." The KonMari Method is, apparently, super popular in Japan
Craft Punk

Let’s talk about the KonMari Method

So, I got this KonMari method book for my mom for Christmas, only it turns out that she bought it for herself, so I kept it.     Marie Kondo’s revolutionary technique, (the KonMari Method) […]