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Dyeing it Green

Hell yes we jumped on the “Go Green” bandwagon! Although many of us were the pioneers of this wagon train long before it was the “in” thing to do. Punky Moms has moved on to […]


Trademark Information

As some of you know, Punky Moms is now a registered trademark. What exactly does that mean? Straight from the horses mouth (so to speak): Trademark Basics What is a trademark? A trademark is a […]

Guidelines on Giving - How we can best help those in need

Guidelines on Giving

I love that we have a kick ass, amazing community of generous and caring parents. I love that we’ve had that community for over 18 years. I hate that sometimes, as a collective whole, we […]


Contest Entry Information

Only 1 entry per person unless otherwise specified. Duplicate entries will be deleted. Entries must be complete (what constitutes complete may vary by contest). Incomplete entries will be deleted. Only entries received before the specified […]

Honest Reviews

Rusty Bumper

I received a black onesie with an adorable swirly vintage-like duck image on the front for Gareth (who is the destroyer of clothing). The onesie is made of very soft and durable fabric. It’s nice […]

trying to conceive

The Trying to Conceive Paradox

It started with the coffee. I decided to switch to decaf when we began trying to conceive, but I had to scale down to half-caf to stave off headaches. I talked to my OB-GYN about […]

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November 2006 News

November snuck up on us! First of all, let’s say happy birthday to Creepsuela Switchletto, Beia, azxure, Jenn/Boobs McGee, aztev butteryfly, tabykatt, nanon, beebeefox, hexeengel, Crazy Raccoon Lady, lushluxe, prncsofrn, vocald229, Paulita, misslaurapalmer, kimberlychapman, Sam410, […]