Celebrate 15 Years Of Punky Moms By Getting Back To Our Roots

Punky Moms Turns 15!

Celebrate 15 years at Punky Moms - It Wasn't Just A Phase Punky Moms Forum Contest

This year Punky Moms turns 15 years old! The exact birthdate is probably only known to a person or two but it doesn’t matter because this celebration doesn’t need the exact facts. This is something that is worth celebrating just because.

Have you been around Punky Moms since the beginning? Did you join the Forum a decade ago? Did you only just hear about us this past year through one of our Facebook groups

However you found out about us, we are so glad you did. Even more importantly we are glad you became family. We have called each other in the middle of the night, we have held each other whilst we cried, laughed, and got wasted. We burst with pride over and over about the rad, strong & fierce kids our Punky Moms community are raising. We give Punky Mom heart. 

To celebrate 15 years we are taking it back and going back to our roots. We are having a mega contest over at the newly updated Forums. First prize is going to win $50 STORE CREDIT to use on either our Main Shop or PMUK one. 15 other random Punkies will be picked to win a Punky sticker pack from Sticker Schmiker

How do I win???

  1. Sign up to the Punky Moms Forum
  2. Post an intro
  3. Get posting!

This contest will run the whole month of June! Whoever gets the most posts wins the credit! 

Celebrate 15 years at Punky Moms - It Wasn't Just A Phase Punky Moms Forum Contest

Recognize any of those faces?? 

We are trying something a bit different here. As much as we love the Punky Facebook groups so many of us miss the forum. The forum was FANTASTIC for keeping topics organized. It was great for being a secure and safe space. We even had a Secret Society that opened up to you once you hit 250 posts. 

Had a kid who was 5? 10? 15? Cool, we had a space to talk about it by ages. 

Planning a wedding? Yep we got your White Wedding section.

Wanted to talk about gaming? Yesssss a whole lot of topics on it already there!

We are not saying this is the solution to any issues, we are just saying that Punky Moms expands way beyond Facebook, and many of you are only truly scratching the surface. 

Plus, don’t you want to get to the next level!

Every week we will post a score card so you can see where you are placing. Let’s make this fun! We will be celebrating an OFFICIAL FACEBOOK GROUPS BLACKOUT on Thursday June 15th where a majority of us will be taking a Facebook Break and only will be posting on the Forum.

Be sure to save the website bookmark on your phone. The forum is very mobile friendly and it’s essentially like having a Punky Moms app right there on your phone.

We also will be posting exclusive content only available on the Forums. Ooooh wonder what that could be?

Ready to get involved!?

May the odds be ever in your favor!

See you on the Forums!

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We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising children…it’s simple, back to the basics parenting…without judgement. Everyone is welcome

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